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hes gone

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I was for the past couple of weeks taking care of what seemed like a homless stray kitten. Well I fed him everynight he was totally nocternal and i was slowly working on him being active during the day because that way i could of taken his food away at night. HE was really close to trusting me and i actually made a vet appointment for him to get him evaluated and get him his shots etc.. But he just vanished? i havent seen him in a few days and ive been looking around like crazy he usually starts comming aro0und when he heres me cause he knows it means food is here

I kept checking onhim all night unable to sleep and one point throughout the night i saw this HUGE HUGE one eyed cat eating out of his food dish! Do you think this cat my of driven him off or done something worse to him? The one eyed cat is wild but im sure it has a food source since its so big,

I keep game chickens as pets and they are let out during the day and locked up at night. Usually these chickens are to fast and smart for cats (they are good flyers) but ive lost 1 rooster and one hen to this cat during the day which is something that has never happened to me before (been keeping birds 4 years) must be a great hunter, not sure what im gonna do just so much going on at once
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I doubt if the larger cat harmed the kitten, but he may have intimidated him and driven him off. Keep looking, and keep positive thoughts (I will too!) that you'll see him again. In the meantime, the big cat can't help being big, or having to scrounge to survive; he just needs a loving, safe home like every other cat. Any chance of you getting HIM checked out and neutered? You'd be doing him a big favor, stopping his chances of adding to the huge tragedy of overpopulation, and in time, he will probably grow less intimidating once he's "fixed". Just a suggestion...?
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ive only seen that cat once or twice im sure someone else takes care of him
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Maybe he wanders to find people putting out food.
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i feel like cats have a premonition when somebody's about to take them to the vet. i swear it's happened to me and others that right when you've planned to take them in, taking into account their habits and whatnot, they disappear. i bet your guy will be back soon, he may have been spooked by the other cat, but once he's been around the area, he'll know you're the best game in town for food/attention.
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lol u guys were right he is back not sure why i panic so fast
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eh, it happens to everybody! glad he's back!
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