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Dad is doing it again

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He has now decided that Macy and Lilly have to become outside dogs once we move to the new house so I told him that I am not going to move. Well not into that house anyway. He is refusing to let me put my whine glasses up he says its stupid to collect them since I don't drink whine and he's not going to let me put up my punch bowl and cups or my books or even my grandmother's pictures of Jesus Praying or of the last Supper because my sister says they are ugly. He is not going to let me put my bed up he says I have to buy a new one because my sister determined that they were ugly. So I guess I will be finding my own place asap but in the mean time I am staying right here. I can't keep living my life for everyone else I have to do what's best for me. He's mad cause the doctor put me off work for a few days and he's mad because I was sick he said I wouldn't be if I wasn't so fat. And he says I will never find a man because I am not as pretty as my sister. He doesn't think I need to be a member of a catsite because he says that means I am obsessed with cats which I guess in my opionion is better than being obsessed with money like my sister. I know he just built this brand new house but what good is it if the whole family meaning the dogs and Tavia and us aren't there. He's decided that only his dog Tiny and my cat can go. And that Lilly and Macy can't until they can become outside dogs. And I refuse to make them outside dogs. So I guess I have to stay here or move and in all honesty this may be the best thing for me.
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No one deserves to be fed garbage like that. I was a victim of verbal abuse growing up and there's no place for it. I'm sorry you have to listen to all that nonsense. Be strong.
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Sounds like he's making that push for you to start living your own life.

I come from a highly critical family too...I found that the furthest away that I can live from them, the better. don't get me wrong, I still love them and all, but I would probably be on some heavy meds if I were still living at home.

Good luck in your quest to find a new place!
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I don't think it will be so hard finding a place that allows Lilly and Tavia the boxer is the one I am worried about finding a place for. And I know it will take a little bit.
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Your father sounds very abusive and he obviously says and does these things in order to hurt you. No one deserves that.

You are working, you need to move out from under his influence and not stay there to be his doormat. Let him learn to cook and clean and take care of himself instead of relying on you to do it.

You work with other people, see if any are looking for a roommate and perhaps you can split the rental costs of a small house with her.
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o sweetie I'm so sorry you have to live with that.
you're right, it sounds like being on your own will be much healthier for you.

Besides! If being obsessed with your cat is weird and wrong then we're your support group!

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Wasn't it you who posted about the verbal/physical abuse your dad is doing? If so, its better you get out now. What he is doing IS verbal/emotional abuse to you. Dont' stay in the house with him anymore.
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You really do need to get out of there. It will help your self esteem so much. My stepdad loved to play the "your sister does this better" card. I'm so much happier now that I'm out and my self esteem and book smarts have shot up so much. I would never move back into that house, I'd rather move in with my grandparents or maybe and aunt. Anything but living with him again.

We're all here for you and I hope you find peace.
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I hope you can free yourself soon.
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From what you've shared with us both now and in the past- your father sounds contoling to the point that it's a bit abusive. You do not need to allow him to treat you this way. I think it'd be in your best interest to try and find your own place, where you and your beautiful furbabies can live a nice peaceful life without soo much negativity and stress
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