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Feeding frequency

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My family has always free fed our cats, and so since I have been on my own I do the same thing. We stopped giving soft food after one childhood cat lost most of his teeth and the vet told us that soft food contributed. All of my cats have been fine and healthy with just good quality kibble. They sniff at people food, but aren't very interested in tidbits given.

I have a new kitten coming, and I am wondering if I should wean my current cat onto a schedule. I feed him hairball formula, and will be feeding the new cat kitten formula. I am pretty darn sure my Sohni is going to prefer the kitten food over his own and will be snacking on the kitten food if I don't watch.

Sohni gets about 3/4 cup a day now but doesn't always finish his bowl. When the kitten gets here I'll probably feeding a combination of soft and dry kitten food. I think I should probably get some soft food for Sohni as well or he'll be jealous. I can seperate them at first of course, but eventually they'll both be eating at the cat food station.
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IMO its better to have scheduled meals and a portion amount. That way you can know if they are having eating problems or losing/gaining weight. And because you are feeding two different foods for awhile, you need to keep them separated and not just set food out.

I'd also feed one meal of dry, one meal of canned. Canned foods do NOT cause teeth loss.
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