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Nakita's Hunt For The French Fries

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Last night we ordered take out for dinner. Nakita had a whole journey trying to track down "the ellusive french fry". Come join her on her journey!

It was early in the evening when Nakita, lounging by the window, picked up the scent of her favourite snack :FRENCH FRIES!!!

She had to go closer and find out where they were. So she jumped up on the first lap she found! french fries here!

So she decided to cross the table, Nakita style!

Jackpot!! Nakita scores the big one!! And shows off her shaved belly in the process!!

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ROFL!! Yay Nakita! Way to go!

Oh, I mean NO KITTY. STAY OUT THE FOOD! That's what I meant. Really!
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Yes, definitely BAD BAD KITTY :goodbad:
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You could make a story book about Nakitas antics - it makes for a good story!

Bad Bad Nakita!

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LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks for sharing - brought a much needed smile - and a good, hearty laugh!!!

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LOL - too cute
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She has such an adorable face! She is so cute! I definitly couldn't resist giving her a fry!
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Good on you , Nakita !!!

Great pics !!!
ps. BTW The word "french" is completely a mistake . The French have NO idea of how to make fries !! The real ones are to be eaten in Belgium !
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One of my fondest memories is eating frites (sp?) in the square in Brussels. That's when I learned that I like mayo better than catsup on fries despite the fact that it really grosses my friends out.
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That's too funny! Thanks for sharing.
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Give that girl a French Frie right NOW!!!!!!!!!

Hmmmm Tatyana sniffs out peaches!!! She is making me healthy LOL!!!

We want 'More Adventures Of The Little Blue Girl! :tounge2:
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what a beautful kitty! I eat ranch dressing on my fries!But Mayo?
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Did you have to make her work so hard at getting it? You know she was going to get it in the end anyway - like you can resist her Kass!
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Resistance is futile to Femme Nakita's charm!!!
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What a difficult journey for such a little baby girl!

Love the story Kassandra! Nakita is such a cutie! I see she "gophers" like Ophelia does, which we've always thought is too adorable (the "I'm so close" pic). Glad to see Nakita wasn't denied her favorite snack in the whole wide world. We'd have to sick the Kitty Kops on you for sure! LOL
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Originally posted by valanhb
Glad to see Nakita wasn't denied her favorite snack in the whole wide world. We'd have to sick the Kitty Kops on you for sure! LOL
I'm sure Nakita could find other reasons to sick the Kops on me though! All those times I took one of her toys away at 2am in the morning because she was playing beside my head!

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Your little 4-legged lady is soo cute. Nakita is very precious.
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LOL thanks for sharing the pictures and story with us
She's a beautiful girl!

More more!! LOL
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did she get her french-fry?

My Sasha is my cat whom is the most interest in people food.
Her favorite is pizza. If I buy some on my way home, when I
heat in up in the toaster oven, she will come flying out from wherever she was hiding/sleeping! Then, she will sit by me, and slap the air with her paw until I give her some.
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HA HA HA what great shots! and such an expressive kitty! Are all russian blue's like that? what a sweetheart!
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What a sweet set of pictures. Nakita is a real little dolly.

Regarding fries (chips over here . . .), the ONLY way to eat them is with mayo!!!!
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Wow, I thought I was wierd for eating fries with mayo! I don't do it often because I'm trying to watch what I eat, and because of the strange looks I get when I do it.
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