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Our D.T. for FRIDAY May 11th

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man, how great is friday?!?!?!

It's beautiful here in Maryland, but it's going to be a hot one at 91 degrees today.

no plans for the weekend but I did keep up on the laundry this week, so there aren't mountains of clothes that have to be washed and for that I'm very thankful.

I cleaned the house last weekend so there isn't anything pressing to be done (I'm bad Sandie, I only clean the entire place every once in a while)

will probably go see the mummy returns :egypt: again this weekend.

everyone have a great weekend
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I'm going to take the girls to get soft paws put on this weekend. thier claws are killing me. I am all scratched up. they don't understand how to play nicely.

the vet just told me that all they have are red ones. my little girls are going to look like they have nail polish on! LOL :jarswim:

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AP; What fun! Nail polish for kitties. . . .
Don't tell my twins they will insist I get them some. . . . .

My day started out crazy. I pulled something out of the fridge and the dozen eggs carton came with it, crashed to the floor, and I lost 6 eggs!!!! Is there anything harder to get up off the floor than slimy,traveling eggs and shells?
Try doing it with a cane in one hand and a wad of papertowels and a mop in the other, while 6 hungry cats wonder why you are not opening the cans yet. . . .

Oh, well, it can only get better from here! I am exhausted and now I have sit down with my coffee to check the posts and it is almost noon! Half of the day already gone. . . . .
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well, it's almost 10:00 a.m. here, and i have been up for
over an hour already today (which is an accomplishment!)
we are sitting for my roomates moms dog over the weekend, and
i have already taken her for her morning walk, and calmed
down the cats - who are all really nervous about her being
here - they dont know what to make of a dog!!?! :laughing2 it's pretty cute.
not to mention a little stressful i have to keep my
eye on them constantly to prevent any fights.

tonight i am going to relax and watch a few movies with my
roomie, he's going to braid my hair and make dinner and rub
my back/feet - i cant wait for him to get home!

yesterday he came home with a bouquet of lilies & daisies
(my two favourite flowers) just because, just to say, i love you
and i'm thinking of you it helps that we have a
flower shop right across the street where he usually stops off
at on his way home from work i love fresh flowers,
i have them all over the house, and one day, i'll have a
beautiful garden, i hope.

have a good, relaxing weekend everyone
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Blue; Know what you mean about having a dog show up unexpectantly on your cats. I have 2 dogs (Princess and Charley, Me Boy. The stay in the back yard and come into the basement to eat and at night or in bad weather. Every once in a while the door to the basement is left open and the dogs come upstairs (of course) and burst into the kitchen all happy and excited to see whoever is home. Boy do the cats freak! They jump sky high and take for cover and the dogs don't know why, so of course they think it is a game, and chase the cats thru the house. Meanwhile, I am hobbling around trying to catch the dogs and send them back downstairs. We all end up exhausted and it takes the cats and me several hours, or even days, to recouperate. . . . . .
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just one question....

where can i get a roommate like yours?!?!?!?!?
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Happy Friday Everybody!

I'm at work right now. I was out yesterday rushing my little munchkin to the vet. Come to find out she has Pyo (a uterine infection) She's in the hospital being aggressively treated with antibiotics. She'll be there till Tuesday and I miss her so much. She was such a good kittie during the exam. (I'm gonna cry). Anyway I wish I could go visit her but she's hooked up to IV's and I don't want to stress her out. All my cats are looking around for her.

Tomorrow I'm off to a convalescent home with Clint of Helping Paws and four cats to do a little "pet therapy". I'm bringing my naked buddy MooShoo. Then a bunch of us are going to see a play "Once Upon A Mattress". Mother's Day will be spent with my mom at the cemetery. Hope it's nice out.

I hope you all have a great weekend. And for all you mother's out there HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!
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Boy it's a beautiful day here!! I couldnt stand being at work, so I came home sick (cough cough) at 11. Well, not without stopping to do my grocery shopping on the way home. Then I slipped into some summer cloths and got the car washed and the yard cleaned up. Tonight I am going to Rene's to work out some details for housesitting while I am in NJ. I think on the way I am going to stop at the huge garden center and get my veggies for the garden. I plan to make the whole weekend as relaxing as possible!! I think I may even stay up late tonight and sleep in tomorrow morning.
AP honestly I wish I could let this stuff go. This cleaning compulsion sometimes makes me crazy. I would be much less stressed if I could just sit and relax!! I have to vacuum every day or I cant relax at night.
TLK I know what you are talking about. Only my daughter and her buddy when they were 2 dumped a whole thing of eggs and by the time I got downstairs they were actually playing catch with them!! I really feel for you.
Blue, I think I need to trade hubby in for someone who does this for me. Just make sure and enjoy it for all of us!!
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he is an angel, he always has been, he loves me to death

i love him to death too

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Blue...I wish you would show us a picture of your roommate, sincee you have told us so many wonderful things about him, we feel like we know him!

Today was just awful for me...so I broke into the beer...I have been trying to cutt way down on my beer intake... but geeeeesh............today was just to much to handle without a few beers!!!!!!!!!!

My precious cat Peaches is still at the vets....and tonight I came home from work to find my Merlin salivating like crazy, with strings hanging from his mouth, and he was growling...I took him to the vet....and the vet asked if he could have gotten into some poisen...said he was hypersalivating.....whatever that means. I finally figured out that merlin had eaten some of the roach poisen I had down in the basement. He is so sick...he vet gave him three shots to stop the salivating, and will keep him till Monday, at least....so now I have TWO babies at the vets!!! Just cages apart, and not at home with me like they should be...I am a freakin' basket case... (hense the beer)
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i'm so sorry to hear that, i hope your Vet bill isnt outrageous
and your cats come home happy & well

i'm sorry you're having such a bad week! but hey, dont feel
bad about the beers, you're a grown, mature woman, and we all
need to let loose and blow off steam once in awhile!

i will have to get his photo scanned, and put it up here!
i'll do that soon
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Debby; My heart goes out to you

It is painful enough to have one baby at the vet, but now, two. I would be having a belt of something stronger than beer if it were me.

Hang in there, Debby. . . . . . .I hope that better news is on the way. TLK
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Thanks guys!! I started a seperate thread about Merlin, so I will keep you posted there. I think I can pick them both up tomorrow!! Both my babies!!! I can't wait!!!
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