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Need a new harness style immediately!

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Ok, so I've had a harness for Oliver from day one... it's an H style harness and until recently I've never had a problem... well recently we've started to allow Oliver about an hour a day outside in his harness attached to a dog tie-out in the backyard... he's very used to it and actually begs to go out... I always keep a close eye on him (the kitchen and my bedroom look out onto the backyard) well he's out right now and I glanced out the window and he's escaped! The fat boy managed to wiggle out of his harness! Luckily he was just a few feet away next to the pool deck, so I torn down the stairs then calmly (as to not freak him otu) went outside and kinda playfully was liike "what are you doin mister!" I wanted to keep him from bolting away thinking he did something wrong... I picked him up and reharnessed him and moved him back towards the house deck... I keep the harness snug but he still managed to wiggle out!

Soooo, I'm pretty sure I'll be hitting the pet store tonite, because I'm sure all you know what would break loose if he's not allowed outside haha... anyway, I'm thinking I need to get a harness more like my dog's which goes around the neck and belly but has that piece that goes down the middle of the chest... am I right?

So it'd be great if I could get some quick suggestions for a better harness before like 7pm ish eastern time (I'm planning to go out with my mom around that time anyway, so I'd rather make one trip)... ok, I think I'm calming down, haha, thanks!
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Not sure if you can find locally, but there's the walking jacket
Walking jacket

Other than that, I'd suggest a petite dog sized roman style harness like this one
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I was thinking about the walking jacket... I'm not sure if petco has them or not, but if they do I'll probably get that

And thanks for refreshing my memory, haha, I couldn't remember what that style of harness was called... roman style, got it! That's the type of harness my dog has and what I was trying to describe... Oliver's 15 pounds (not fat, no worries) so I should be able to find a Roman style harness that will fit him in petco... ugh that little bugger! I still can't believe him! I mean I really think he wouldn't roam far if he did get away and that he'd come back, but I just don't trust that completely.... leave it to the cat to give me a heart attack - and it's only Monday!
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I've got one for Damita....let me see if I can describe it. It's not a figure 8 harness....but you step each paw through a leg hole. It clips right above the shoulder blades & that is where you also clip the leash. I stink at describing it, I hope you can sorta see it in these pics!

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walking jacket...

I use the step thru too
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Why do I feel liked he'd easily wiggle out of that step through one (your pics are good - I know exactly what harness you mean!)? I don't know just seems like too simple for him hahaha... I feel like I need deadbolts on his harness lol
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Oh and does anyone know if I can only order the walking jacket online or does petco carry it? Obviously, I'm kinda trying to do this immediately plus I'm really tight on money so I'd rather not pay shipping thanks!
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So we just got back from petco... I got Oliver a blue roman style harness... the belly strap is a little bit snug, but it's not like choking him and I think it'll relax a little... I've got it on him now stompin around the house so he gets used to it some cuz I'm sure it feels a little different than his other one... ok, I think our crisis is averted haha... thanks for those that could quickly reply!
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i dunno my fat cat manages to slip out of the roman harness the easiest probably because when she pulls backward the chest straps gives her more leverage to pull her arms through the back loop. But thats just my experience i gotta get me a walking jacket. Those seem to be the hardest to get out of and looks like even if they can, it will take them some time
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I didn't get to witness the escape, but I'm thinking he may have backed his head out of the neck loop and then just walked out of it... this roman one seems more secure so far... he's still a little slinky walkin around in it, but he'll get used to it soon... HAHAHAHAHA he just went into his litter box (covered) and it was the funniest thing to see since he's being slinky cat (slinky: adj. the sudden appearance of the cat being mentally challanged when placed in harness ) ah, he never ceases to entertain
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