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Fat Pets night on Animal Plantet

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Was on last night. Did anyone see it? Was everyone as appalled as I was.

A 200 pound Rottie and the owner got irate when told her dog was to fat.
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I heard it advertised, but did not see it - I am afraid that I would see my "pleasingly plump" Sophie profiled!
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That drives me nuts. Although, I am not one to talk. My Macey(Lab/GSP X) was 20 lbs overweight & I couldn't see it. Albiet, she holds her weight well. She's now on a diet, lost 10 lbs....and we are struggling, but I won't give up.

I hate to see it when cats or dogs come in fat. There is one cat that was surrendered, he doesn't like to get up & move he's so fat.
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there is a big difference between some of the overweight cats belonging to TCSers and some of the animals featured on these types of programmes.

I will never forget Scully's first trip to the 'fat cat clinic' at the vets - he was so overweight I was embarassed taking him out thinking people would think I helped him get that big but there were cats bigger than him there
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For anyone who did not see it, it will be on again this coming Thursday and Friday nights.
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They had one fat cat but the rest were fat dogs.

There was a Rottie that weighed 200 pounds, it was disgusting. The owner got ALL ticked off when the groomer told her she was killing her dog.
The owner refused to do anything to make that dog lose weight, she sad the dog was NOT fat.
I kid you not, it took THREE adults to lift that dog to the bathing table.
It showed them walking that dog down the street and people on the street were horrified and disgusted.

Personally, I think it is just as bad as starving a dog to death.
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I think owners getting insulted from being told that their pet is fat are really projecting their own feelings to their pets. They need to understand that "fat", "overweight" or "obese" are not insults, but description of a health problem that can often easily be prevented or treated by changing the feeding habits of the pet.

But yes, I think refusing to admit that your pet has a health problem and refusing to do anything about it is a form of abuse.
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