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Free cat toys rock!

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I answered an ad on Freecycle yesterday, and today while out getting my coffee (I'm home sick from work with a sore throat and muscle aches - but I had to get my coffee!) I went to pick up the cat toys she had offered.

We got:

1 small carpeted scratcher tunnel - better for kittens, but Penny is a small cat
(wooden, carpeted tunnel with loop shag floor and standing circular carpet-covered cardboard scratcher post at the back that has a toy puff on a spring at the top, about 18 inches tall - it fits one cat on top, and a smaller cat in the tunnel)

1 leopard print crunchy crackle bag

2 small ziplock baggies of nip

1 brand new, unopened package of plastic balls with bells in them

1 brand new, unopened package of catnip mice

1 new, unused cat toy glove

A blue and silver mylar football

one puffy, fluffy, loopy round toy that I can't even describe - but Ferris loved it immediately

And a few, random extra mouse toys

What a haul!

I sprinkled nip on the scratcher and in the crinkle bag, and the next thing I know, Ferris was physically wrapped around and on top of the tunnel, and the cat (Penny) was in the bag.

Ginger checked everything out, had some nip, and went off to watch the birds from the kitchen window. The other two played until the nip caught up with them, now Penny is napping in a sunbeam and Ferris is in the kitchen with the munchies.
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Wow, it's worth checking those ads out!!!

I bet your kitties love their new toys. The tunnels the best bargain!!!
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Wow! What a haul, your kitties are experiencing Christmas a few months early!
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