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How are your cats when strangers come to your house?

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We just had the cable guy come this morning to our new place and I can't believe Sash, all he did was lay smack in the middle of the room so the guy had to keep walking practically over him to go back and forth. Sash did not care either, just lifted his head up a little each time he walked by. Now, if he would of tried to pet him that would of been a different story.

How are your kitties when strangers come in? Do they run and hide or do they stay and observe everything?
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heyu hides,

eazy thinks its someone new top play with
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Pru hides from us most of the time.
Clio makes herself scarce when someone comes in the house. If they stay long enough she will venture down for a peek at them.

Sam. Oh my. He's the ambassador of our place. He greets anyone coming in the house, whether they are a friend or a stranger. He has no fear of anyone. I think he was actually making the guy fixing the furnace a little nervous down in the basement. He remarked that he was more like a dog than a cat. That's our Sam, he always leaves an impression on people.
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My cat (like my other animals) is 100% for sure they came to play with HER. She demands attention, is pushy, nosey, and loves it when guests visit.
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They both hide. If it's someone Sho knows he'll come out to con the person into scratching his back and above his tail.
Tomas almost acts like a semi feral, fluffs up and growls. If he peeks out it's only to complain (growl) that the person is still here.
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Riley doesn't hide if someone comes over, but he does act all sweet and bashful instead of his usual hellion behavior
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What cats.
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It all depends how I feel. If I know who is coming over, Frisco greets them at the door with me and is very affectionate towards them... Even if he has never met them before.

If I don't know who it is he can sense my nerves (I am very scared of strange people lol) and he will hide under the bed and not come out until they are gone.
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THe cats run and hide if a stranger come over but if it's someone they know.. they won't.
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Bayley is always loving up on anyone & everyone that will come in!
Harley will run & hide for awhile, but he'll come around & sniff whoever is around & then rub up on them for scritches, and then he'll hiss at them once they give him scritches!
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There are only a very select few that my babies do not hide from.
Taz will even run from my SO, and has known him all his life.
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Sassy and Katie usually run and hide, but Prince on the other hand, he'll greet every one, run and hide and then come out again!!
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My boys head for the bedroom and hiding spots as soon as someone comes to the door! It becomes a race to see who can get upstairs and hidden in the better spots! If it is someone they know, they're back downstairs in a few minutes.
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Lily is gone & you won't see her for hours after the people leave.
Twitch doesn't care. She's sleeping & often never even knows anyone is here!
Damita is rubbing all over their legs, the moment they step in the door.
Dorian & Ophelia hide.
PJ & Punky will attack their legs.
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Katie and Peter hide under the bed, no matter who it is. Claire hides initially, but then emerges to view the situation from a distance. If it's someone she's met before she's very friendly. If not, she still warms up to people if they approach her slowly. Gracie's always out when there's company. She's a reputation for "glaring" at people. She also totally turns on the cuteness in front of company, strangers or otherwise. She'll come and still on my lap, give me kisses, etc... Heaven forbid anyone else should touch her, though. She's been known to swat, hiss and nip.
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Originally Posted by ddcats View Post
What cats.
Trout is a fraidy cat
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what's funny is other then Bentley, it's the meaner ones that I don't trust with people that stay out & the friendlier ones that run & hide. Ceasar & Zoey hide. Bentley usually stays out but Nuit & jenny (not that jenny is mean but when she gets over excited she wants to play & teeth and claws do come out) I'm sure you all know the saga of nuit!!
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Ivory, Cassi, and Trouble are wary at first, but warm up very quickly.
Mostly, strangers (usually repair people) are swarmed with the nosiest little furry 'helpers'.

Anytime we need to have anything worked on, we make sure they know when we call that this is a furry household, so they should not send allergy sufferers.
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Lola is the official greeter. She plays up to anyone and everyone who comes into the house! Cleo is a little more stand-off-ish. She'll usually stay in the same room to observe the visitor. Sometimes she'll venture close enough for a sniff or two, but never really warms up to strangers. Maggie hides in the false ceiling in the basement as soon as the doorbell rings. She doesn't come out until the person has been gone for hours. Very few people know I have three cats, because they only see Lola and Cleo.
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haha, that sounds like Chynna! She will start like that and then follow the poor guy around and try and help him work! And in time she will even go and guard the tools, lol

Abby hides, but if the person is here long enough she will come out and look at them from afar. If she deems them worthy she will rub up against them and allow them to scritch her back a bit. And if she really likes the person she will lay down and show them her tummy, but at a safe distance where they can't reach it
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Originally Posted by cococat View Post
My cat (like my other animals) is 100% for sure they came to play with HER. She demands attention, is pushy, nosey, and loves it when guests visit.
that is Lucky , look mom a new friend,
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Popsie does not like strangers. He hisses and throws a huge fit.
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Harvey hides, and won't come out until they're gone.

Tailer greets them at the door, shows them in, and has to get right in the middle of whatever it is that's going on. He's our resident supervisor.

Forest watches...from a distance. Because of his wobbly CH gait, he's zigged when people thought he was going to zag and gotten stepped on or kicked one too many times. He's now content to keep an eye on things from the upstairs landing.
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We had my friends over the night we got Skye. Didn't even phase her. Miss Thang strutted around like she owned the place the second she got in. I'm glad tho I like having a social kitty.
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Originally Posted by lisalee View Post
How are your kitties when strangers come in? Do they run and hide or do they stay and observe everything?
Pixel hides the whole time. everyone else hides initially, then makes an appearance.
except for Java, my slut - she insists each & every visitor pet her ASAP upon entering the house!
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With Much, it depends on whether the doorbell rang. If yes, she is under the bed until they leave. If no, then she will watch from the top of the stairs.

Lucy will watch from a distance.

Carly sometimes won't leave them alone but the last time, she stared at my guests and went back to sleep.
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Jack seems to think that whoever comes to the door is there to see him. Our front door opens into the kitchen; Jack sits on the very edge of the kitchen table, stretching his neck out, as if he's saying, "Pay attention to me."

Katie doesn't stir from wherever she is, but does give somewhat hateful looks at whoever happened to disturb her.

Rufus just turned 3 and I don't think any visitor has ever actually seen him.
Charlotte and Bridget think Rufus is their mother, so where he goes they follow.
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cats? what cats?

if it wasn't for the litter boxes, most strangers might never know that I have cats. Especially not a little brown cat.

Seriously, they usually hide but Joshua will come out cautiously after a little while. Kinah will hide longer, but once she decides to come out of hiding, she's not afraid anymore. Once my older brother was in here and Kinah was hiding... and then suddenly she appeared out of nowhere and jumped on his lap uninvited.
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Our cats are nuts. They all come running to the door if they hear someone knock. I don't know what it is, but they just love company! All three of them will come beg for pets. They aren't afraid of anyone. Even if the company brings their dog with. They still come and check everything out. Very rarely have I ever seen our cats hide. I could probably count the times on one hand.
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Koko will try to help with whatever the person is here doing.
Muddy will try to leap into their arms.
Scarlett and Stumpy sit in the room and just watch them.
After 30 minutes or so, Dakota and Pinky will wander in to check them out.
Another 30 minutes has Sage investigating.
At exactly 2 hours Pinky will arrive.
If Lucky (the feral) is in the house, he'll just ignore them.
Bob is completely indifferent and goes about his business as if no one is here.
Oscar and Eightball will hide in the bedroom until they are gone.
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