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The Many faces of Beastie Bear

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I don't think I have properly introduced you all to Beastie Bear

Here is Beastie the first day we got him. Do not let the cutie fur face fool you, he has many different faces.

He likes to explore his new world and no place is to strange for him.

Well that is normal you say. A lot of cats do that.

Well then how about this?

Still normal ya say. Okay well this seems strange to me.

No? That is normal too.

Well okay I think I may have you on this one.

Of course he does not know (yet) that his perch can get hot at times.

Lets move on shall we. We have not convinced him that his name is not Greg.

He likes boxes

He likes Bags


Bird watching

Sometimes he even shares his boxes

And at the end of the long day of playing it is time for a good nap.

It's rough being a Beastie

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Originally Posted by AsecretK View Post

being a Beastie
errr where did the rest of the cat go
great pics
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Great pictures!! He is a very handsome boy!
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Lol! What a character! Reminds me of Frisco.. He is always doing silly things too.
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He is so comical and beautiful to add!
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Cute pictures, I like the one of him in the beer box!! So cute!!
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He's so handsome....and hilarious
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oh he is a sweetie, and he definately has personality
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Beastie sure does like to get around, doesn't he??? he is so handsome!
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OMG! How cute!!! Love those pics...especially he last one!!!
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My Tiger is just like him! I'm going to have to take pictures of him doing the same things and comparing them with your Beastie Bear!
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What a cutie! He could be Shelly's brother!

Here's my Shelly:

Here's your Beastie Bear:

See what I mean?
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He's a cutie! Love the tub pic!
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wow, he has so much personality!!! lovely pics!!! i wanna see MORE...LOL.
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This made my day!!!!
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We loved the photos you took of Beastie Bear! We love his really fluffy tail, he is sooooo handsome! Keep photos of him coming Can't wait!
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