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Question of the Day - October 15th

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Katie is feeling a little under the weather today and asked me to do the question. Feel better soon, Katie.

Who's the hardest person to shop for on your holiday list?
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No one really?. Everyone is easy to buy for
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My older brothers are. I never have any idea what they want, and even if I did, chances are the items would all be expensive. (I.E. one of the two wants a really good microphone to record himself along with his guitar. I'll be able to get him that in, oh, ten or so years...)
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My father. How do you buy for someone who just goes out and buys anything he wants, whenever he wants it? He does collect German WWII stamps, but I haven't a clue which ones he needs...
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John is absolutely the hardest person to shop for because his interests change constantly. This week he's into boats, next week it may be something entirely different and he could care less about the boats.
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Two words baby: gift cards
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Either my Dad or my brother. There are only so many Home Depot gift cards I can give in a year
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My dad!
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My BF Jon. He is very difficult on a daily basis so Christmas should be no different

I love him dearly though even though I want to strangle him when it is 2 weeks before Christmas and he still hasn't decided what he wants!!!
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my mom..........

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Travis, unfortunately........
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I would have to say my MIL, how do you buy a gift for someone who has everything and then some??
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We don't have too many problem people. DH's mom - we get her gift certificates to WalMart or a grocery store so we know she won't waste the money.

My mom - we get her dinner certificates when she goes out.

The kids - most times they wind up with mainly gift cards to pick out something cause they like certain "brands" and its easier for them to pick out their own clothes instead of us choosing.
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Feel better soon Katie

Jim without a doubt.
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my MOM!!!

She is very ungrateful too...whatever you get her, she just flings it aside and says "thanks" all sarcastically.
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Originally Posted by megagene View Post
Two words baby: gift cards

Thank goodness too! My hard to buy for people get gift cards to Home Depot or Lowes!
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Gift cards are so impersonal though...like...a gift card for my mom!? Thats not right!
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My Husbanad, he is horrible to buy for, inevitably if I buy him something a head of time, he'll go buy himself the same thing. he drives me nuts
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My fiance! He's the worst person to shop for!
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Sadly, it is my SO
Everyone else is simple and has hobbies and likes that are easy to shop for.
His biggest hobby is computers and goodness knows I can't pick out the right stuff!
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It's kind of close, either DH or my step-brothers. My step-brothers never get me anything for Christmas, so I only ever get them something small anyway. DH I do much more for, but everything he wants is always soo expensive! He's a gadget guy.
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My mother... she has no hobbies to speak of and makes her own clothes... her 'hobbies' are crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles... and she prefers buying the JS puzzles at Goodwill and then donates them back... so it's not something she'll keep. And a crossword puzzle book... done that... also got a crossword puzzle dictionary... years ago...

Now I try making her stuff... things she'd never make for herself... but it's still so hard. She doesn't like anything... she's also 'going' mentally, whether it's Alzheimer's or senility, don't know... so asking her what she wants is impossible. She doesn't wear jewelry, they don't go out to eat, she doesn't buy her clothes, etc... you name it... and if I got her a gift card, she'd try spending it on someone else in the family! She's done it.

Impossible, really.

I can at least guess for everyone else... and I'm easy to shop for, I have an Amazon.com wishlist!! I just have to train my dad to stop telling me he got me something from there before it arrives... because i can go check the wishlist (yes, I was one of THOSE kids)

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My son! He is 19 and SO picky about clothes and has expensive taste in toys
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went to the hospital cause I was thinking i might have pneumonia, but that's not it thank goodness. I hate being sick so much!

the hardest person for me is my Dad, he buys whatever he wants when he wants it, I can least get my mom a book or something
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My father.
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My Oma - doesn't like anything, but if you buy her nothing she is miserable and complains for months
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My brother. He usually says he wants a car. Um.. no.

'course, this year he's got a new car, so he'll probably want a laptop. Still... no.
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
went to the hospital cause I was thinking i might have pneumonia, but that's not it thank goodness. I hate being sick so much!
You must be really bad to think you had pneumonia More feel better vibes for you, Sweetie. And go lay down and stop posting
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Boy...everyone in my family is hard to shop for. My boys are about the easiest but my DH and extended family are very hard to shop for.
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All of them! I really don't like this holiday stuff any more. I miss the days when it was all toy shopping for the kids and everyone was happy.
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