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I hate getting "spanked" for something I didn't do!

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I use a transportation service called "Handi Transit" because I'm not able to take regular buses right now. With Handi Transit you have to book at least 2 days in advance and call the day before to confirm. Today I called to book my rides to Physio for Wednesday and Friday. Here is how the conversation went:

HT: "Handi Transit, what is your registration #?

ME: *gives number*

HT: "What day are you booking for?"

ME: "Wednesaday an ...."

HT: *quickly cuts me off* "Where are you going?"

ME: *gives address, time to be there and time to return home*

HT: *quickly cuts me off again!* "Call the day before to confirm" and was about to disconnect.

ME: "Wait! I also need to book for Friday"

HT: "Where are you going?"

ME: "The same place"

HT: "When you are booking multiple trips for the same place it's important that you tell us!"

ME: "I tried to but you cut me off before I could and started to book me for Wednesday that I didn't have a chance to tell you."

At this point the girl got very quiet.

I felt like telling her that rather than sounding like an automatron when she answers the phone, that she should give the person a chance to finish what they are saying before cutting into the conversation!

Not everyone who answers the phone is like that, but this one particular girl is usually quite rude.
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If it happens again, report it to the manager. BTW any more dates with the one driver (after that first one)?
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I've had that, but thakfully not that often.

I ordered flowers to be sent abroad a couple of months ago and she spoke so fast after every question she asked me. Then as she repeated the address of where they had to go to she had made an error on part of the address, so i said "If you weren't in such a hurry taking the details down and took your time mistakes wouldn't happen!"
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Anyone who cuts me off while taking my information will find out about it. I've worked too many customer service in college to know how I should be treated.

In fact I would have responded, "If you weren't so busy cutting me off I would have been able to tell you this."
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Oh my gosh! I know who you feel though. I'm not sure what it is with people who do business over the phone. I'm guessing since it is less personal they are more likely to not feel bad or care as much
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
If it happens again, report it to the manager. BTW any more dates with the one driver (after that first one)?

Nope! TBH I didn't expect to hear from him again, and I haven't.

I was tired when I gave the update in the other thread so I didn't really elaborate all that much, but I'll go and update the thread and post the whole evening, and you'll see why I didn't expect to hear from him again and even if I did why I was going to brush him off.
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ouch, that was rough, its rough when you have to depend on others for basic stuff
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I'd call and confirm because it's very possible the rude girl did not book it for you.
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she is very rude
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I don't understand why some people never learned phone manners.

Pretend like you are in front of someone..and you would NOT cut them off mid sentence

Some people!
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That is EXACTLY how our system here is. Quite a few of my clients from my last job use it (It's called Paratransit here) and I can't tell you how often staff from our office would call the higher ups to complain about someone being treated rudely or mistreated even. Unfortunately for those drivers and especially the phone reps, my co-worker knew their boss' boss. Not that it ever helped that much, but we did see action taken for the bigger things at least.

I do feel bad for the people that do the scheduling sometimes though. Everybody wants the bus to be right where they want it to when they want it to be there. Sometimes I think they could do better, but it's a big job in front of them too. And I know they have been short on drivers for years.
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Some people just shouldn't be in customer service. I work at a call center and a girl that sits near me is SO rude to callers I really don't understand why she still has her job. Just listening to her end of the conversation gets ME defensive, and I'm not even the one she's talking to. The supervisors know it, and have warned her, but apparently there are no grounds to fire her, only to "coach" her. I take supervisor calls, and soooo many are from her because she just doesn't know how to deal with people.

Sorry, didn't mean to hijack thread and vent.

If I were you, next time you get her and she does that, ask for her supervisor and just make a formal complaint about her rudeness. It will get logged and at least she should be coached to let her know the caller has to finish their sentences before she asks another question.
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Oh I hate when I get an attitude from people on the phone and it has nothing to do with me.
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