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Feeding time

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My 10 day old kitten eats about 12cc of milk each time per feeding. He weighs in at 5.8oz. Just wanna know if that is normal? He has great appetite and wants more so I was wondering if I should let him eat to his heart's content....the good side is I can feed him less if he eat this much. I've calculated and determined that he needs about 48cc per day.

He was suffering from runny stool and I diluted his formula with 1/3 pedialyte. His stool has improved in the last 24 hours, just started feeding him diluted milk yesterday morning. So, I am afraid if I feed him less, he might not get all the nutrients needed. Also, when do you think I can start him back on full strength formula. Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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The fact that it's dialuted is probably why he wants more. I haven't had any experience with hand-rearing but I think they should just have has much as they want, unless they start being sick, then it's a sign of over-feeding.

As for going back to full strength.... I have no advice on that
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