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Spay Didn't Heal Right

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I recently took my 2 kittens in for their spay and neuter surgery. I was not pleased with the outcome. The male has some of his tail shaved, I don't know why this occured and I know that it will grow back. It just appears that the vet thought he need to shave his tail and decided against it. Mostly I am concerned about the female. Her incision did not close completely and to me it appears that a part of her intestines is trying to poke out of the incision site. I will be taking her this morning as she is suppose to get her staples out, but she doesn't have many left to take out, maybe one or two. They will make this right!! Have any of you ever experienced complications from a spay? This is the 3rd spay I have went through and the other two turned out just fine. What should I expect and need to ask, if anything? Thanks for your help.
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I'm sure what you are looking at is NOT intestines Its extra skin that is clamped together with the stitches. As long as its not hot or really red or looks infected, the spay was done right.

All my females looked like that. When the staples are out and the fur grows back, all will disappear. If you are concerned, you can call the vet, but I'm sure it looks worse then it really is
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Oh my goodness! I hope that the vet catches this before it becomes infected. Sophie had a similar problem when I had her spayed. Then the substitute vet (mine was on vacation) did not do a good job with anit-biotics, etc and she became terribly infected.
So PLEASE get to the vet ASAP and good luck!
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Thank you both for posting a reply. I called before I left this morining to make sure I got to see the actual vet that performed the surgery, because alot of times you only get to see an assistant. I took her to have what was left of her staples removed and voiced my concerns. Her looked at it and assured me that it was not her intestines, her intestines were safely tucked underneath a muscle and that it was just a flap of skin that would continue to heal like it was suppose to. I hope so, because it was my first time using this particular vet.

Thank you GoldenKitty45 for your encouraging words of comfort. I appreciate that. I still don't think I will use this particular vet again though.

Inbandcats, I did ask about the antibiotics and he said he didn't think it was necessary because he didn't think it looked infected. Thank you for being concerned along with me. This is only my second time to post and I really appreciate the support and compassion everyone has for each other and our little ones.
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I can understand - it looked weird to me too on some of my females. Long time between spaying and I don't remember the others looking like it. But it healed fine and the "puffing" went away.

Glad things turned out ok. Maybe ask for laser surgery next time - not sure if that will leave a lump or not when closing.
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I am happy to hear that your vet wasn't too concerned. My worry- and this is what happened to Sophie - is that your cat will start licking her incision area - so I would definately suggest watching her on that - unless she is wearing a "cone head"!
I hope all goes well!
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I'm so glad that she turned out all right. Spays can be dangerous, which I never knew until we took our little girl to be spayed. Not only did she have troubles healing, it looked nasty and she had a LOT of skin bunched up in the stitches, but a day or two later was when it was the worst. She wouldn't get off the blanket we put on the floor for her, she wouldn't really respond, she would only eat and drink if we hand feed her. It was so sad and we were so worried something was terribly wrong. It was a few days later when she kept getting lost in our small appartment. We took her in to find out she went blind from the surgery and too much medication. It was so sad I bawled my eyes out all day She's great now though, you would never know she was blind until you realized she never jumped on things like normal cats do.

I'm so glad your kitty is ok!
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