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Animals Asia Against EATING Cats and Dogs

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In China, it is still acceptable to buy cats and dogs at the market to buy as food. I myself have been offered black dog while in China (I live in Hong Kong) and have seen the cats in cages in the market. Its horrible. One of my friends had her childhood pet cat eaten by her uncle because it was becoming too much of a burden.

Animals Asia is working towards changing this practise and I have made a whole blog post out of it as I feel so strongly about it. It would be great if everyone could check out my blog to learn more about this terrible practise and raise awareness. PM me for the link.


P.S. I don't know if you remember my dilemma about changing Torrey's name (my marbled bengal). I have kept it and everyone is happy with the lack of change! It took me ages to decide!
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Oh my goodness....that's so sad. I couldn't imagine eating a cat or dog. They are just too close as pets. But sometimes I wonder where to draw the line between pets and food. I don't agree with eating cats, dogs, or horses, but could you tell me what you think about it? How do you determine what is moral to eat and what is not?
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I'm assuming the black dogs are Chows? I guess their name says what they were raised for in other countries? People there probably catch stray dogs and sell them for food I assume, which if you think about it and how they are kept in filthy cages, why would you want to eat that you risk getting sick.

I would say be against it, thats my opinion. I dont know if it was in China but the live skinning of animals for fur yeah 100% against that too. I dont even want to think about it....

Although every culture eats different things, I see people who keep chickens and pigs as pets even though in America we eat them, they make just as good pets as dogs and cats.

I guess the horrible thing is if there going to raise and eat animals that the way they keep them is the cruel part it's torture. Even in the U.S. I admit it we still have alot of changes that need to be made with conditions we raise our livestock (like pigs and chickens especially)

I may eat meat but I would never raise an animal and eat it, I only buy food at the supermarket.

Any animal I keep is a pet and I will protect it from harm.
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As asian i aggry with you all. mostly asian people ,for them animals is animals nothing els, for them animals is for eating.wired. for me you can hit me but never never hit any kind of animals infront of me mostlu cats ,couse cats cannot fight with humen. they are soft animals. they have some mymar and vietnam people who come to to my country working,i heard they catch cats and eat.lucky i never meet them.i i found i swer to god i will kill them.

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I am from the us, but have recently met a chinese woman, modern, good looking, who has not qualms about eating anything for food. She just says it is FOOD!

I think it is gross, but I eat chicken and pork, so who am I to judge?

I had a friend who had two Turkeys, one was named c=xmas and one was named thanksgiving. they ate thanksgiving for xmas, cause he grew faster, I thought this was gross because he had two young sons that looked after the turkeys and got to know them.

If I were starving I guess I would eat anything, if I were not a hypocrite, I would be a vegetarian.
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While the thought of eating cats and dogs is repulsive to me it is not my place to tell another culture what they should or shouldn't eat. I imagine the people in India think we are barbaric because we eat beef.
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I totally agree with all that has been said about cultures and pets.
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Originally Posted by catcaregiver View Post
While the thought of eating cats and dogs is repulsive to me it is not my place to tell another culture what they should or shouldn't eat. I imagine the people in India think we are barbaric because we eat beef.
Do they not eat beef?
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Do they not eat beef?
Many Indian people are Hindu. In the Hindu religion cows are considered sacred.
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While the thought of eating a cat or dog seems very sad to me...I can't judge another culture for doing it. On some of our Indian Reservations here in the US it is common to eat dog. I've eaten rabbit and those are pets for long as one eats some type of meat I don't believe one should judge another human for eating a different type of meat. Orthodox Jews don't eat pork, Hindus don't eat beef, and these meats are not taboo in our culture. Please don't judge too harshly...
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I just think they have no right to treat them so badly before they eat them. Same with cows or chickens or any other meat animal. If you're going to eat it, then treat it with respect.
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The meat you buy in a supermarket was raised by someone. They might not care about the animal as much as you would (not to say they necessarily don't), but they still raised it, fed it, and cared for it until it ended up on your plate.

I don't really see a difference. I'm all for more humane factory farming, but the fact remains...your supermarket meat is about as disgusting as it gets. Some people love cows and keep them as pets. Some people keep rabbits as pets. Some people have pet chickens. I used to keep chickens, and they had personalities, preferences, and lives they lived in my back yard. They came running for treats, terrorized the dogs, and bothered us when we were in the pool. They were no different than the chickens raised in crowded boiler houses for the American meat market.

I eat meat. I like it. I wish meat was obtained in a more humane fashion. Honestly, since I was a little kid, I wanted to grow up to raise meat animals for a living so I could raise and slaughter them humanely. I still think the current state of things could be significantly improved.
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