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cats tail and back quivers

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Whenever my cat walks past the toilet she sticks her tail straight up and quivers it and also her back is humped up and also quivers. What does this mean?
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Hello Bruce! Welcome to The Cat Site.

Cats often do this when they are really pleased. I call it of my cats does this whenever I come home and when she is just about to get a little tuna as a treat.

Also, this is what it looks like when a cat sprays. Have you noticed any urine when she does this? sure is odd that she only does it when she passes the toilet. Hmmmmmm......
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Does a spayed cat spray urine? I dont know, I never noticed any or smelled it around the toilet.
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Most often spayed cats do not spray...and males are more likely to spray than females. However, a spayed female might spray if she is under stress, feeling territorial, or sick. But, I think you would have noticed the urine if she is spraying. It would be on the walls or on the base of the toilet rather than on the floor.

Perhaps she does this when you are in the bathroom shaving or while you are otherwise occupied and she is happy about being able to be alone with you in the room. So, maybe she is being a jiggly-tail-kitty because she is happy to have you to herself in the bathroom!
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Fitzy does the same thing whenever I open the fridge. It's so cute he just stands there and jiggles all over.
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My Jake does that when he gets in front of us, slows us down, and leads us through the house. We call him "Jiggily Jake".
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Our new boy does this too. When I first saw hime do it I thought 'oh no, is he going to start spraying.' I still get nervous every time I see him do it. I grew up with a male cat who sprayed and I really didn't want a male cat, but my daughter seems to fall for the males. Must be teen hormones! He is neutered.
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tatyana does this too!!! when I am in/on the loo only!!! I think she is saying that she is happy I don't use her litter box!!! Or that she is pleased that I am toilet trained LMAO!!
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Pixie does this whenever she gets her treats too :o)
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