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Amputee kitty

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My beautiful little Russian Blue cross had her right hind leg run over by a car just a week ago. Thankfully no bones were broken and at the time the main concern was the skin on her foot dying and getting infected. Since then her foot had just gotten worse and the skin just wouldnt stop dying and my vet had to keep cutting away the flesh.
Today she had to go for a bandage change and checkup, unfortunately the vet decided it was probably better to amputate the leg instead of just waiting to see if infection would spread. The operation will be happening in the morning and she should be coming home in a few days. I have thought about what she will be like after the procedure and I have accepted that she wont be physicaly the same as that day I brought her home at just 4 weeks old. I just dont think I am prepared to see her in such a way.

Has this happened to anyone else on this forum?
What should I do to keep her comfortable when she comes home?
Do you think I should have a special little wheel/leg made for her?
Anyone have any tips?
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Sorry about your kitty I've no personal experience but more than likely she will do ok with 3 legs.
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I am sorry you are going through this but once it has healed your little cat will be fine.
They adjust really well and in a few weeks you wont even notice it. My friend adopted a three legged cat and it hasn't affect his life style at all.
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Most amputee cats do very well. Some will even learn how to climb the treehouse with 3 legs. I know I've seen well adjusted 3-legged cats being showing the HHP classes at shows.

I'm sure in a few weeks or months you won't even pay any attention the your cat has 3 legs now
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My cat had to have her hind leg amputated last week after also being hit by a car, I am happy to report she is doing very well, she gets around very good, figured out how to climb up and down the stairs in 2 days and seems to be able to climb to her favorite spots. She has been sleeping alot and doesn't seem like her old self yet but is getting more active every day. I am hoping she will be a happy cat after this, she seems to be adapting at a very quick rate. I am always being told that it will just take time.
Sorry to hear about yours and my thought will be with you too.
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Although I have 3 cats, the amputee in my home is my boxer dog. I know it's not the same but I learned something that may really make you feel better, and I bet everyone with a similar experience can relate.
My 4 year old Bella was diagnosed with cancer in her jaw, and she had half of her mandible removed. It took her some time to recover, given the nature of the cancer and what it affected, but here's the outcome ( and here's where I think it will make you feel better ). My dog has a " half mouth" , but she can eat her normal dry food, she can grab treats in the air, she can get small crumbs off the floor if there's some kind of carpet on it. Well, she learned to do it. Her tongue does a lot more movements than before, and she developed a way of using it as a scoop. I guess that's one of the wonders of nature, and how the animals learn how to cope and find their way around trouble. I guess we humans have a much harder time doing the same, and some of us will never see a solution whereas an animal will, with some ease. And yes, for those who are wondering, her tongue is the longest in the whole town, sticking out at all times, and she does slobber a lot !
Your kitty will be just fine, just give him some time to adjust. I can't say I was not stressed during the whole thing, I was in pieces, and I know that this didn't help Bella much. It took us both time to recover, but be sure that this will pass.
All the best to you and your furry baby !
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Good luck with your kitty!! Just give her lot's of that's what will make her happy and confident again
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I am pleased to inform you all that the operation went well, though she did lose quite a bit of blood. I went to see her a couple of hours ago and she was still groggy from the anesthetic but she started purring once she saw me.
If all goes well tonight she should be able to come home tomorrow!
Thanks for all of your support!
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Sending for Pineapple, glad she made it through the op okay.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your little girl, but i'm pleased the ordeal is over for her now Lots of healing heading her way.

This makes her an extra special little girl now
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