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A couple of weeks ago we started letting the kittens into our room at night as they seemed keen to curl up with us and settle down, but they have now started waking us up by purring around our heads and licking our faces in the night. I'm fairly sure this is going to be a case of having to shut them out but I just wanted to check if anyone knows of a way that might discourage them from doing this?

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Demetri used to sleep all night, then lick my eyebrows in the morning I didn't mind as he was so good all night, he did grow out of it though.
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Glad to hear he grew out of it. Unfortunately it wakes both me and my boyfriend up so they'll have to be shut out if they don't stop!
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As far as I know there's no way to "stop it".
They'll eventually grow out of it.

My kittens do the same thing, I just move them to my side under my arm and they go right back to sleep. They just want a little "snuggy time". As long as they feel like they're still getting that attention they settle right down and drift off quickly.
However, if they don't stop or if they're being naughty or making noise I do put them out
Just make sure that their cat box and water dishes are where they can get to them.
Naughty little devils
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Butzie likes to lick me but she does it when she comes in to sleep with me. She usually licks my fingers, but last night she gave me a full facial. Hey! I don't need a face peel now. I let her finish and then just washed my face.
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My cat is an adult and never grew out of this, she also like to walk on faces and talk loudly.

I have never tried this but maybe you could put something on your face, like a lotion smell, or a facial mask so they won't lick your face? Just throwing out ideas
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