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I need some advice and suggestions, cats vs human baby

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So I just found out that a girlfriend at work is 4 months along. Its NOT ME! She loves her cats the way we do but does not have the time to be online reserching how to handle cats and a pregnancy. Her DH has taken over all care of the cats for her, that much she knows. She asked me if I could do some searching here and get advice from fellow cat lovers on how to handle everything from getting the cats ready for the new baby all the way through the introductions. Her cats are very spoiled 3 year olds, one male and one female. The female is pretty aloof and really could care less about anything but the male likes to be involved in everything.

So any and all advice is welcome. Links to sites also appreciated. She knows she needs to start getting the nursery together and things like that. I know there are a lot of moms here who have been through this and know the best way to go about dealing with a new baby and spoiled kitties.

Thanks in advance guys. I appreciate it.
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I can only share my own experience with you. I had a Siamese (Susie) for about 10 years before I became pregnant. During my pregnancy hubby did the litter and it seems your friend already knows about not doing the litter herself.

Susie was very attached to me and a real lap cat in that if I sat she was immediately on my lap. During my pregnancy she often slept on my bump if I were sitting or lying down. When I brought our daughter home from the hospital I introduced Susie to her and whenever I breastfed, I would also have Susie on my lap. I always let her know that she was still important to me. She was very tolerant of Jennifer as a toddler and never once bit or scratched her. Jennifer loved Susie and would crawl to where she was laying, pull herself up and try to touch Susie.

Jennifer's first word was not Da-da or Ma-Ma - it was "Seesuz".
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My son grew up in a household full of cats with no problems. She can put a screen door on the baby's room to keep the cats out.

Most times, the cats keep their distance of the baby. As far as getting them ready:

1. Let the cats smell the powder, lotion, etc. of what "baby things" she will be using.

2. You can bring home a small towel with the baby's scent on it if you want; although mom/baby don't stay in the hospital very long, so that may not really work ahead of time.

3. Be sure to greet the cats FIRST when you come home - reduces jealousy.

4. Let the cats sniff the baby, check out what you are doing. There is NO harm in allowing contact. Be sure to clip all the nails on the cats.

And for the baby:

As the baby gets older and starts crawling you CAN teach them how to behave around cats such as don't pull ears, tail, poke eyes, etc. My son was taught this when he started to crawl.

Probably the biggest worry is to supervise the baby and keep him/her away from the litter pan!
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