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Web site tries to save dogs slated for death

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I read an article in todays paper about this dogsindanger.com site. They post dogs from shelters all over who are about to be put to sleep. They have success stories. Did you know that about 4 million dogs are put to sleep every year? Does anyone know of a similar cat site or how many cats are put to sleep every year? I felt so happy that there are so many caring persons out there willing to adopt dogs.

Hope this is the right place to place the site name and if it is okay to post the info.
I found the top 10 reasons that dogs are abandoned on their home page. I would guess that the reasons are similar to the ones for cats.
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how sad, but happy too. I sometimes wish that I had the recourses to save animals in danger. I would save every one of them if I could. Which I'm sure many other people on this site would do the same regardless if it was a cat or dog!
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I think that is a great idea. How many times do you go to a shelter and know how many days a dog has to live, it's impossible to know that so if you want to save that dog it's hard to.

So with that site potential adopters can focus looking at dogs they want to save who have limited time. It's sad that all wont be adopted, but it gives them a better chance to find a home. You wont even have to leave your home to go to the shelter to look.
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The current estimated number of pets euthanized at shelters is about 5 million per year, which includes dogs and cats. The shame about that number is that for dogs, there are about twice as many homes wanting to adopt dogs as there are dogs euthanized. For cats, that are more homes wanting cats than those euthanized. Shelters do a very poor job advertising their animals and the result is an unbelievable rate of death. Shelters also do a very poor job staying open during hours where most people are available to adopt. My local shelter is open 10-3 Monday through Friday and a very short time on Saturdays. I guess the working stiffs can't afford to get away from work long enough to save a life.

Here's a good site that has a lot of information about the problems with shelters today:

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I think that is so sad about the shelter hours. I am spoiled because our brand new facility is open much more often, so that the "working stiffs," who probably need a pet more to relieve stress, are able to get to our shelter. Those that can find it in their hearts to adopt, that is.

My shelter cat is so special - well, aren't all cats?
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