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Peace bit my face, what do I do?

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I was petting him like normal and he was purring up a storm. He usually gives me little kisses on my cheek but this time he flat out bit me! I'm bleeding from where his teeth went in. I pulled him off as soon as it happend, did the "no" sign and put him on the floor. He's still purring and jumped up in my lap and came towards my face for love. I did the "no" sign again and put him out of the room. Normally, his love session is just pettings with some contact with my face. Rare kiss and mostly rubbings on my nose.

Do I keep doing the "no" sign and put him away from me everytime he comes towards my face? I have no issues petting him, and like I said, this is the first time he's bit me but I don't want it repeated.

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The only issue I've had with face biting is with Ophelia, one of my deaf girls. She would bite my face only when I was asleep, so I would put Bitter Apple on my face every night before bed. Not sure if that would work for you or not.
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I would err on the side of caution with your kitty.

I have a foster boy who has begun to do the same thing, but with my glasses. He puts his mouth over the stem and glass and then begins to bring his paw up. It is very scary. He also rubs my chin with his and I've gotten some bites but he has not broken the skin.

I keep thinking I cannot have this behavior in him with an adoptive family in his future. So I am doing the same as you, except it is me who is getting up and leaving the foster kitty room.

In the case of your kitty, it could be a similar situation if you were to have a visitor or overnight guest.
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Thanks for the help. I'll try the Bitter Apple when I get to town to pick it up. All I'll do in the meantime is keep him away from my face. Sounds easy but will probably be hard.

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Can't help on the behavior issue, but I would suggust that you go to a doctor, especially if it is puncture wounds as cat bites can become infected very quickly due to the bacteria in the cat's saliva.

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