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Get your fix of tiny furbabies here!

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So this is what's been keeping Kumbulu so quiet lately!

Here's the then 10 day old 'Baby' now all grown up at 7 weeks old.
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And a little girl named Fluffy. A lady called me and said she had a 4 week old kitten and she wouldn't eat or drink and she didn't know what to do. I get there and there's this at least 8 week old kitten! She had very bad ear mites though, so I agreed to take her and treat her. This lady will take her back when she's better in a few days. I'm worried, though, this lady knows absolutely nothing about cats. She didn't know she was a girl and was trying to feed her chilled milk from the fridge. I thought I might do up a little pamphlet for her called 'bringing your kitten home - what to do' LOL
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Another lady called me 3 days ago and says she's found an abandoned kitten in the sand at the back of a vacant block. She's left it there for 24 hours to see if Mum will come back but she didn't. The little boy still had his umbilical stump attached. She wanted to name him 'Sandy'. LOL
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When she brought Sandy over, I explained to her that he looked around 2 days old and that there could be other kittens hidden in the vacant block. She said she'd go and have another look. She rang yesterday to say she'd found 3 more tiny furbabies. She caught a glimpse of the mumcat - very fleabitten, dirty, emaciated and very very wild, and had spent 2 hours trying to catch her. The kittens were covered in urine and faeces and were so hungry, they were trying to eat the sand so the lady concluded that mum was unable to look after her babies and brought them to me.

Here's K2
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This poor lady is 9 days away from giving birth, too. I'm so grateful she cared enought to help out these little ones.

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Oh they are beautiful! No wonder you have been busy!
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Again, apologies for the poor quality of the images. Poor little sweethearts.
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Oh Tania, they are adorable! Keep those sweethearts warm now!
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Tania, they are so cute and little. I am so glad that she cared enough to call you and let you know about them. God Bless you both. They are lucky to have you. I sure hope all goes well with them and the ear mites go away soon. All of my cats had them when they were little too. It's sad and you feel helpless at the time. Medicine helps, but it seems to take awhile to work. But, once it does, it's a great relief to the cat and the care provider. They are so cute. Cuddle them for me, pls. Take care and enjoy. They grow up so fast.
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No worries Mary Anne mate - it's 40C here today (104F)! LOL I guess it's a wee bit colder where you are.
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Bless dere ickle socksies and dere ickle hearties and dere ickle nosiwosies!!!!! Ahhhhhhh blessings!!!!!!!!

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Cute kitties!!!

BTW, here's a little snow to help you stay cool in that heat!!!!

Whoops!!! BAD DOG!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!
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Aww Tania, bless you for taking care of those gorgeous furbabies!
Kiss them for me!

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Being so small, can you nurse them to health? You are such an to do this for them, they really need a loving hand right now.
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Oh how cute! They are so small! They are very lucky kitties. I am glad that you found each other.
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Aaaawwww... They are so sweet! Thank you for sharing them with us! Hope the nursing back to health goes well!
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That's the first thing I thought also (to keep them warm!). That's what most of us North American's are trying to do at the moment!

Those little one's are precious Tania! So glad you are there to help them out. And I agree, give that lady a few resources about how to care for a kitten/cat!

Snuggles and hugs

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Tania, you are truly an angel for talking the little ones on. About the mama cat - is there anyone that might be able to trap her and get her spayed to she doesn't bring any more babies into the world?
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Kumbulu, that's a great story! Good luck with the kittens!
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You definitely have your hands full! Bless you for taking care of them! I'm hoping that when I go to Cat Welfare they will let me foster babies. My boss would not mind if I brought them to work with me during the day!
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Awe.... thank god for people like you who care enough about little helpless creatures like these.
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Great job to you and the lady that found them! You are a very special person to give so much of yourself to these poor little creatures!
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God Bless you!
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Tania they are just beautiful!! Love the little black and white one with the spot on his nose. Baby sure has grown big and strong! You have earned your angel wings a hundred times over by giving these little ones a chance at a happy and healthy life.
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Those kittens are so sweet! You are such an angel to take them in and take care of them.
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Tania...You are such an angel for do that! It's sad that were abandoned by their mommy...but thank God that they have you! Please keep us posted with news on the little ones...they're so tiny!
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AWWWWW!!! So precious! Makes me want to nibble little pink kitten toes. Ok, ears, too.
Baby looks like my Fred did when we rescued him out of a tree. He's 14, old and raggedy now, but still very cute!
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Thankyou all so much for your words of encouragement. The babies are doing very well. That sand they were eating has made it difficult for them to use their bowels but the vet has recommended just a little tiny dob of catlax and it seems to be slowly doing the trick.
Lorie mate, thankyou for the snow, you KNOW I'm addicted to the stuff!

Tamme, I'm what they call a vet approved kitten carer. There are lots of us at TCS. I've nursed babies of all ages right from 1 day old so these babies should be fine. I have all the jazz they need like formula, heat pad, cuddles, snuggles, love etc. LOL Ohmygoodness! How could I forget the snugglekitty? They are, at this moment, piled in a heap right on top of their snugglekitty, dreaming away with their full tummies.

Yola, yes, the lady that brought the kittens over is only a couple of days away from giving birth herself so I've got the lady's sister and neighbors looking for Mum so that she can get some vet care.

Nenners, I hope you do get to foster little ones. I don't know how you'll go working full time and getting up for those 3 hourly night feeds! LOL It's so rewarding to see them grow up into beautiful kittens.

Baby is still here and I've found a home for him so he'll be going in 2 weeks when my housemate's boss gets back from holidays. He thinks Fluffy is a gift for HIM and they spend all day frolicking together.
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Just a quick update - 'Baby' has gone to his furrever home today! The lady that took him has two lovely daughters who will love him to pieces, I think! They want to call him Mimo or Memo. I haven't heard of the name before but they tell me he's a cartoon character??

The girls absolutely loved the tiny furbabies and wanted to take all four home too!

I've almost given up on the lady who had Fluffy. I've been trying to contact her for a week, says she's in a hurry and will call me but never calls back. I've been searching for a no-kill shelter here in Perth so any Aussies or others that know one, please let me know.

Hope all in the Northern Hemisphere are keeping toasty warm.
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