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Just had to share...

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My kitty JJ... he's being so cute. Now that the weather is getting colder he's in his heat seeking mode. He is at this moment all snuggled up under the blanket between my husbands legs. My husband, I should say, is asleep in his recliner covered in a fleece blanket. JJ found his way under the blanket and hopped up onto the footrest.

Josh is being a trooper with his neck tube. It still gets irritated though, so I help him out by giving him a good scratch with my fingers inside the tube. He's been such a good sport about wearing the tube and there's nothing worse than a itch you can't scratch! I don't want to take it off too soon though... I think another week and I should be able to take it off. The site looks awesome, but I'd be afraid that if I took it off now he'd open it up again. I'd rather be certain the area is completely healed before I take it off.

Anyway, just wanted to share my cute JJ story. He always amazes me because he's such a badass during the day when he's out and about, but when he comes home he's like a different cat.
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They do manage to find the warmest places! Our house has a fire place that I'm actually afraid to build a fire in because of the cats (and dogs and wagging tails...etc).

I must have missed your original post about Josh. What happened and why does he have a neck tube?
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Uh-oh...now you've asked for it... An invitation to talk about my cats? That's a recipe for trouble...Given the chance, I'd talk about them all day if you let me.

In a nutshell he was acting really weird so I brought him to the vet. During the exam she found a lump on his neck. I, of course, didn't know it was an abcess and the vet couldn't get close enough to him to check it out. So after 3 days of agony it burst open and drained but the open area was on his neck/throat...a very difficult area to keep him from scratching as you can imagine. Which brings me to the neck tube.

He's been such a good little trooper
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aw, JJ is a little snuggle bug! they do like to get the warmest comfiest place in the house, don't they?

hope Josh heals up quickly
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