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Anyone out there with some good tips for dealing with URI? One of my adopters called me tonight to let me know the 11 week-old kitten they adopted from me has come down with URI. This kitty had a rough start...owner released to me so it didn't go through the pound. They also adopted two kitties from another rescuer the same weekend...they seem to be ok so far.

The vet has their kitten tonight. She was dehydrated and they were force feeding her. Temp was 104.

I've given her some advice on containing the bug. But I've never had to deal with URI. The other rescuer has and I know she will give them some good advice too. If you have any tricks, please post!
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The kitten is in the best possible care, under the watchful eyes of the vet. He will start her on antibiotic after she comes home, while she is there he will give her an anitbiotic shot, sub cu liquids and watch her closely. If there are other cats at the home once she is released, the kitten needs to be away from the other cats URI spread quickly. If the antibiotics don't work you can always give the kitten GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) buy the liquid it is thick and put two drops in her wet food every day.
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I've never heard of using GSE. What does it do? I read somewhere that a dollop of yogurt is good to help replace the 'good' bacteria killed by the antibiotics. Does GSE do the same thing?
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I swear by the stuff! It cured my horse about 3 years ago, so I started using it on my rescues, I had URI's all the time. Once I started adding this to their water and food, in two weeks no more stuffy noses, sneezing, coughing, runny eyes, all gone! Intrigued, I did some more research on it and hubby and I started taking it every day two drops in juice once a day. That was 2 years ago. We have not had a cold, flu, cough, pnuemonia, or allergies since! I used to get bronchitis, and pleurisy at least 5 times a year- now nothing!
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That stuff works on people? WHere can I get some? I get the flu at least once a year and I just had a mild bout of it a few days ago. I think I would like to get some of that - is it available at GNC?

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