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What do your cats like to play with? Popsie won't play with anything except a shoestring. I've bought him so many toys. Balls, cat nip things, a little mousie on the end of an elastic string. He has no interest in them. I don't understand it.
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I would be sure to keep shoe strings away from your sweet little furbaby unless they're attached to a stick or something (like a feather toy) and you're supervising. I've seen several kitties wind up with GI problems after ingesting shoe strings/etc and have to have blockages removed (i'm a vet tech).

A few of my kitties favorite toys are: sparkly pom balls, da bird - feather toy(supervised only- otherwise they'll rip the feathers off and eat the string lol.), kitty lure from PBT, yeowwwww catnip banana,kurli q's (oh kojak LOVES those!), fluffy toy mice, things like that! they love the laser pointer too!

This is the absolute favorite in our house - the kitty lure!-if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, Kojak is playing with his toy: http://catniptoys.com/Merchant2/merc...tegory_Code=T1

mine also LOVE:
(please note this toy was the Australian Shepherd's favorite toy as well until they killed it)

these were a big hit around here- they're durable, and they're inexpensive!


We LOVE Plain Brown Tabby! Pat(Pat&Alex) is soo sweet- she helped me figure out which toys my cats might like before i placed my first order! The prices are good, the service is outstanding, the kitties love their stuff, and i loved how fast my order arrived!!!! (i swear the had my order here in no time!!!)
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