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Post Urethral Blockage...

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Unfortunately, my 23 pound male tabby just had a urethral blockage and had to have a catheter. He spent a total of 4 days at the vet. He was on urinary dry food, so the vet really doesn't know why the blockage occurred. Its now 6 days after the procedure and his whole hind end is soaking with urine still. Every where he sits he leaves a nice little wet mark. Not very fun...
Meds: metacam, Diazepam, Zeniquin
Question(s): Is this normal? Shouldn't he be able to stop the urine from coming out? Should I give him a bath so he doesn't smell like urine?
Thank You for lookin'
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Oh,bless his heart!! I'm not sure about it being normal, but a catheter does bruise the ureter somewhat,causing leakage sometimes. Since it's been almost a week, you might want to get in touch with your vet. The medications may be causing it too. As for a bath, it may be better to just wash him with a warm damp cloth, since putting him in water could introduce bacteria into his tract. I hope he gets to feeling better soon. By the way...welcome to the Cat Site! I'm sure there will be others along soon to give you advice.
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Oh your poor kitty.
Have you talked to your vet about the urine leakage?
I am sure this is frustrating for you.

I would definitely call your vet in the morning and ask all the questions you need to ask until you are clear about your kitty's condition and what to expect.

I am glad that you are here at TCS and am sure that tomorrow members will have more feedback for you.
Sending TCS vibes that soon this will clear up.
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CALL vet in the morning... this is a difficult time for you and him
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Thanks for the replies.
I will call the vet tomorrow, was just checking to see how normal this is.
I Love this cat! Sometimes I wish I didn't so much. almost a grand later.... and he still seems sick.
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Be sure to let us know what you vet says.
Sending more healing vibes your kittys way.
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This is no fun.

You don't mention this, but does he get any wet food? The increased water intake helps keep cats from getting uti's. Mine get their wet food mixed with (extra) warm water to make a "soup" to help Leo avoid future uti's.

If your cat doesn't get wet food, it's something else I'd run by your vet.
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Good News! I woke up this morning and he wasn't leaking urine anymore!!
Maybe being confined to the bathroom over night helped?
Now I am off to price new carpet for the house that Target ruined.
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That is wonderful news.
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