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have you ever heard of cats killing another cat?

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Ever? does it ever happen? I know dogs will do it but will cats?
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I know of cases where intact tomcats have killed kittens that weren't their own.
Doesn't happen often, and I think it's more of a feral cat thing.

I also know of one cat who died due to systemic infection resulting from a cat fight.
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Two grown cats? Usually not. Cat confrontations are usually just stare-downs and hiss-and-yowls and paw swats. Only rarely do they get serious, because a real cat fight is serious business--claws and teeth are enough to do some real injury. Even the winner can come off pretty badly; so cats have to pick their battles.

Most of the time, if a cat dies, it's a matter of a cat sustaining injuries in a cat fight--which can be fatal because they didn't receive treatment. Cats' claws and teeth are both rather "dirty" in terms of germs on them; and infection usually occurs in a bite or claw of any depth. In general, death isn't immediate; so domestic cats usually survive (though they can lose eyes rather easily) and ferals often die. That's one of the reasons for the five-year average lifespan of the feral.

The exception would be (as noted above) kitten-killing.
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Some toms have been known to kill smaller adult cats. Its rare, but it can happen.
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You know I have wondered this too, just because I swear our cats suffocate eachother when they are playing rough. The only time I have heard of cats killing eachother are wild Tomcats and kittens. That's why I caught Enzo and brought him home. He's so pretty and we knew he would be dead before he was old enough to defend himself. (The Tomcat on my granny's farm has a reputation for this)
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Several years ago my grandmother lost a 10 month old cat to a large tom. The tom cat somehow managed to break the smaller cat's neck, it was awful. (but one of the risks when letting a cat outside...)
Neither cat was feral, the tom in fact belonged to some nearby neighbors.

I've also seen what a tom will do to kittens. I hope no one here ever has to see that.
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As others have said, it is possible, but is unlikely to happen that often - as with most highly territorial and well-armed species they are quite aware of how dangerous a fight can be to their own health, and will only be likely to really go for it seriously if their life depends upon it. Cats largely deal with disputes with staring, posturing, and a lot of cursing (ie. hissing/spitting/growling/screaming).

If you watch 2 cats who are having a border dispute they will usually try to make themselves appear as big and fierce as possible - hair standing up, tail fluffed, mouth open to show the fangs, and hissing/growling. They will glare into each others eyes without blinking, but usually keep a small distance apart, circling each other in a crouched position. The one who looks away first has submitted to the other, and will usually walk away. Sometimes it takes a swat, a pounce, or a bite in order for the dispute to be settled - but in the vast majority of feline face-offs, the combatants work out which is the victor before a punch is thrown - and the loser will walk away with little damage.

When it does escalate beyond this, it is almost certainly due to pressure on resources - overcrowding so pressure on territorial boundaries, not enough prey, or shortage of females. There are more likely to be such pressures in an urban environment with feral cats than in a completely natural habitat.
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I met a cat who did kill another cat. (And a small dog, too.) The owner said the cat had been raised with dogs and the first time he saw another cat, he attacked and killed it.

This cat also tried to take down a full sized cow...
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wow gemlady what kind of a cat was this? A male tom i assume? what color?
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Ophelia will try to kill female cats. Lily has been to the vet dozens of times thanks to her & required stitches a few of those times. She's a mean, but sweet, cat....and that's just her. I can only imagine how rough her life was for her first 3 years...
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Originally Posted by chausiefan View Post
wow gemlady what kind of a cat was this? A male tom i assume? what color?
It was a big red tabby male. He may not have been neutered before he killed the cat, but had been by the time he took out the dog and tried to gnaw on the cow.

He was definitely a one family cat.
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i cant believe he tried to take a cow out thats so cute lol

what kind of a dog did he kill? a bit sad about that but shame on the owners for subjecting their poor dog to the cat long enough for ti to be killed ill never leave my cats alone w a dog both for their and the dogs safety
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This guy and his family (until the oldest started school) traveled around in a converted school bus going to shows to sell his minerals. The dog and cat were tied to the undercarriage of the bus when they were parked.

At one venue the bus was right behind their tables and the cat would come from under the bus, sneak under the table and ambush small dogs. Not sure what one he killed, but after that, the cat went to live with a friend.
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