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Pumpkin Picking

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Yesterday my sister, sister-in-law, and nephew came up to my place to see me after my surgery. Well i haven't been out of the apartment in almost 3 weeks because of having breathing problems and then the surgery. Well i decided i was feeling good enough and wanted to go have a little fun. I decided to take them pumpkin picking and it was great. We ended up taking a hay ride, going through a corn maze, petting some goats & donkeys, and finally picking out some tiny pumpkins. Here are some adorable pictures of my nephew who is 13 months on his first pumpkin picking adventure.

I found the perfect pumpkin.

Look Aunt Jenn, see its PERFECT!

All Mine....that little boy didn't put that pumpkin down until we had to pay for it

Ok maybe that one is better mom, but my little one is perfect!

I had soooo much fun and already miss my lil monster!
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Awww, Bless him!
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Oh my!! He's a baby doll!! And those gorgeous big brown eyes!!! You sure are an awfully good Aunt!! Makes me wish my girls were babies agaiin!
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Those pink stalks back there look just rhubarb!!

Cute nephew!!
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thanks everybody we had a blast. I love that little kid, just wish we lived closer so i could spend more time with his little butt.
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Oh, thank you for sharing that little outing with us... that was fun!
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That little boy is a sweetie, it sounds like you had a lot of fun,
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what adorable pictures!! aren't pumpkins fantastic? glad you had good time, it definately sounds like fun!
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How sweet. Will his daddy carve the little pumpkin for him? He's a real cutie.

Also glad to hear you felt well enough to get out with them.
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hes going to go pumpkin picking with mommy and daddy next weekend, and pick up a BIG pumpkin. I wanted to take him on his first pumpkin picking adventure and just get him a small one. Thanks for checking my lil doodle-butt out. (lol yes i got a lot of nicknames for him)
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Awwwww, he is too cute!!
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Aww, he's adorable!!
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