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We had chicken thighs and gravy, potatos, carrots ,and peas, with brownies for desert, it was yummy, i think I need another brownie
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I'm at work, and was too busy to get to the cafeteria before it closed, so I had a power bar.

Anyone jealous? Anyone? Hel-lo-o!
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I got a calzone from Italian Bistro and Rob got General Tso's chicken. I am emailing my mom as I type (multitasking!) for some of her awesome recipes ... I miss eating good food!!!
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Tonight I made my Asian Chicken with brown rice It was good!
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Easy dinner tonight. I've pulled some cooked macaroni from the freezer, and I'm going to do a simple tomato/basil/butter sauce to warm it up in, parmesan garnish and it's done.
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Tonight I went to Montanas restaurant for dinner and had a club sandwich with roasted veggies.
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I just cooked lamb chops on the barbecue, they were marinated in rosemary and mint, along with potatoes soaked in mint sauce and green beans and corn. It was so good. Oh yeah and the barbecued mushrooms too!
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last night i had left over tagliatelle with tomato and cream sauce, and then an apple pie for desert. I went in and had a small surgery yesterday afternoon and trav was really tired from work and rushing around that we didnt cook, tonight he will though as i will be at work till nine pm!
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Pork steak with apple sauce, boiled potatoes, carrots and broccoli with lovely thick gravy!
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