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I havn't picked any of mine and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Bear, Bosco, and Max were born here (we took in their momma).

Molly came to us as a stray kitten.

Buddy was born to a feral momma under the house.

Pumkin came as a feral adult. Scared to let anyone near him, would hiss and run. After a while he would let us get close to him to feed him. Then after a couple of years of working with him he started to let us pet him. Now he will come in the house and makes himself right at home on the couch. lol

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Picked both of mine - Radar was one of a litter of 5 and when I went to see them there were 3 left, 2 boys and a girl. The girl was a really pretty tortie with a completely brindled coat, no large patches of colour, but I was really after a boy - so I picked the one that was misbehaving horribly on the basis that his ears were bigger, legs longer, and markings prettier, and so came home with the naughtiest cat on the planet!

I picked Sonic out of a litter of 6 (5 boys 1 girl), he was the only blue in the litter and he was the cuddliest (although at one point I think I had most of them climbing up me!) I was lucky to get first choice of the litter, due to people who had previously shown an interest in kittens from the breeder turning out to be timewasters or unsuitable.

My parrot is my 'interesting' acquisition! I was looking for a Senegal for some time, I had my name down with a breeder but she lost a clutch unexpectedly and I was looking at maybe waiting a year for the next breeding season, but then I heard that a local aviary had a baby Senegal come in for rehoming - long story and one that makes me very angry. But anyway I went along to see him. There were a couple of people in the baby bird room looking at the parrots when I turned up, but as soon as I went into the room the little Senegal went absolutely nuts - jumped on the side of his cage and started screaming at the top of his voice. He only calmed down when I went over to him and put my fingers through the bars to touch him, he 'preened' my fingers and bobbed his head and I knew I couldn't leave without him
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I never got to see any of mine. I was just given the description on the telephone or e-mail of what they were and i told them i wanted them there and then.

They could have been pink with yellow spots for all i cared, i just wanted them
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Spooky Bear and Tabitha picked us, they were "only kittens" so there were no others to choose from. I picked Spike, he had one sibling. We had 21 foster kittens this year, and of those we kept 7... either John or I picked which ones we were going to keep, with the exception of Taco who no one wanted because he has some health problems.
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We only picked out one of our kitties. That was Leya. We were looking to get a friend for Enzo because he was still only 6 months old, we felt bad leaving him at home all day while we went to school and work. We looked at a few shelters and just happened to stop by the animal control office and there was this tiny little 3 lb cat. She was the cutest thing and we just had to save her. She picked us that's for sure. We walked in the room and she just wouldn't stop meowing and putting her paw out between the bars until we came and took her out.
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My best friend rescued Amadeus from her backyard and I picked Sebastian because he was the only boy in the litter. Made it easy. He was actually named Mr. Big before I adopted him!
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I picked the first two I have from ( I get cats in groups..lol) about 11,000 cats...

Then the other three I picked out of 13,000 the following year.

Working at a shelter...makes it hard to choose from. I did get the pick of the litter though!
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I was gonna say I picked zoey from the shelter, but really when she saw me she ran right to me & mewed it up for me in a little girlish way and that was it! Nuit I could say I picked, no one wanted her with her "behavior" and she called out to me. Bentley there was only 1 other cats with him (he was from the shelter but the pet store helped out and did adoptions). I felt i should go to the shelter and give the other cats a chance to (see he was my first cat and I was just going to the store to get supplies ready) but my bf could tell I was quite smitten with Bentley and said to me "why bother you know we're just gonna take Bentley home anyways" Jenny was a toss up at the shelter but she was to cute. Ceasar was left behind my the neighbors.
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Not really, Mittens was the only cat at the pet shop. The shop has since changed their policy, if you want a cat go to the shelter. I would have gone to the shelter, but I knew this small pet shop had puppies and kittens and I did not feel like traveling from place to place.

Cassy picked us for her new home.

So, I never really had a choice. Doesn't matter, my two cats are absolutely purrrfect.

I forgot to say, yes, I did want to have a choice, but, now it does not matter.
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My cats all picked me.

Raven and Nabu picked me through a representative
Me: "I'm looking for a cat that's already fixed"
Co-worker: "Great! I have two cats, and they're already fixed & declawed. Thought I found a home, but the lady changed her mind" He went on in detail describing how wonderful & friendly they were.

Stimpy came into the shelter I worked at for a few years. He decided he was going home with me from day one. It just took me a little while to figure it out. He even convinced my hubby who did not want another cat. He was also an adult already & fixed, etc...I have a major weakness for homeless adult kitties.

So no...I still haven't done the whole go out and pick a kitty thing. I somehow doubt I ever will. Cats have a way of finding me.
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Let's see....

Honey - My parents bought Honey from a local petstore for us when I was 11 years old. She was an outside dog for the first nine years of her life, then when I moved out I took her with me. She's the best dog ever, I love her to pieces.

Cody - We had been toying with the idea to get my fiance a dog for a while, and one day on craigslist I saw a plea from a woman who needed to find a home for her beagle mix. Ironically enough, a beagle was what we were kind of leaning towards. Well, we went to see "Wilson," loved him, and took him home that night. His name's Dakota Wilson now, Cody for short

Julius - My stepmom and I went to a friends house full of kittens (his two females had a litter a week apart). We picked three, I picked Julius because he was orange and chubby and adorable. His name's Julius because he's orange, lol. We still have his sister, Cleopatra. However, we had to find another home for Billy (his brother) because my sister wasn't taking care of him properly.

Spike - At one point in time it was down to just Honey, Cody and Julius ( I can't remember that time though, lol). We were thinking about finding a cat for my fiance, and went to see Spike. He was in a cage at a dog shelter because the dog people had rescued him from a barbed wire fence. He is solid black, yellow eyes, and a two inch long tail (they had to amputate most of it). He didn't mind the dogs, so we took him home. I found him on petfinder. He's a sweetie, but can have an attitude too, lol.

Spunky - Spunky was adopted from a cat sanctuary along with his mother. Sadly, his mother died about a month ago, but Spunky's doing great. He's the sweetest cat I've ever met, and I don't know what my fiance would do without him. We picked him out because he's so sweet, and had health problems that most people would rule him out for.

Amelia - This little beast in a tabby costume came to us via a neighbor. She was a stray and couldn't keep her, so she asked us if we could. Amelia loves the dogs, and she can be very sweet when she wants too, so we said sure.

George - We adopted George and Lacey together, out of a litter of five or six. I picked George because he had the darkest markings of the siamese-like kittens. He sure is a talker though! Geez, the little guy never shuts up, lol.

Lacey - After I brought George home, my fiance said "Did I forget to tell you that I don't like siamese cats, I think they're not very pretty" so we had to go back and adopt the only non-siamese kitten, lol. She's a gorgeous gray little girl with the slightest tabby markings on her face.

I guess for the most part we picked them then huh?
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I picked out Trout

I called around because I wanted a tortie..then finally a petstore had one, and I drove across town to get her
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oh I loved everyones stories!!! crouching cheese- funny about George with your fiance, does he like george none the less?
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thats great looks like most of us have rescues!
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DH saw Stan online and fell in love. I picked out Bella from a room of kitties
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There were dozens of cats to choose from, but it was the look Quill gave me that made me adopt him. We just sort of clicked, I couldn't leave without him. I think we chose each other.
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Georgi was being picked from a litter of 4,but one was taken and they all looked the same, Georgi was laying on the mat by the door when we got there so I wanted her because she seemed like she was waiting for us, but my sister wanted another one but then georgi came and rubbed her face up to my sisters hand so she agreed on Georgi, so we did pick her,, but she sorta picked us too.

Tigger was pretty random,we had said to our friends - who had a stray who looked VERY pregnant that if she had kittens we would definitley take one so
about 2 or 3 months later we thought she must not of had the kittens or she had left their house, so we went to there house and they said she did have kittens but they forgot about us so the two girls had gone to the pet shop and there was one little boy who was being picked up later that afternoon but if they didnt turn up we could have him- he was hiding so they couldnt show us. he was probably going to someones farm who had alot of cats - they didnt turn up that night so the next day we got a call and ran out and got him!

and now we cant imagine life without either of them!!
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India was my first cat from the animal protective league who now lives with my mom. I picked her out, she is much happier at my moms with fewer kitties. She is the only one I picked out.

Eliott came to the humane society when I worked there and the second I saw him I decided to bring him home. I guess I sort of picked him out too.

Willoughby meowed at me in Walmart parking lot and I scooped him right up and brought him home all filthy and skin and bones. He picked me.

Da-Ku was free at a pet shop when you bought a cat toy and since it was near Halloween and he was all black, I brought him home. I did pick him but I didn't want him, it was for his own good

Kinks was found running the busy streets of Kent, picking through dumpsters and beating up other kitties, she was a mean nasty cat but once she got spayed, her attitude changed completely. She put up a fight and came home with me.

A neighbor asked me to watch Bowie for a few days while she was moving out. I fell for that one, she never came back for her (and her sister but we rehomed the sister).

Noira picked me when my boyfriends roomie went on vacation and left her under a laundry basket in his locked bedroom when she was about 8 weeks old. She was crying and so I picked his lock, moved the basket and stole her. He never even asked. I think she is grateful to me ever since.
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I have heard it said that usually you are chosen by your cat. My husband picked out Raven and brought her home to me. I love her and I could not have picked out one better myself.
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We were picked for Whisper, even though we got him from a family that had brought in a stray cat, who then had kittens. At the time, we didn't choose to adopt (I had a lot of convincing to do with DH about adopting a cat from a shelter ) and so we had looked in the area papers and found Whisper. There were three kittens left, and the people who had them were trying *very* hard to match them up with good homes (good for them!). We talked about our situation and expectations with them, and we got Whisper in the deal.

Reagan chose us and we were chosen for her by the shelter from which she was adopted. We went into Pet Smart and there she was. I was instantly in love with this very ugly cat. At the time her ear was torn/shredded, not missing, and she looked horrible! But she loved all over the bars of the cage, and the woman who ran the shelter told us that we were perfect for her, and she for us -- turns out she was right!

Molly was sent to us -- I really believe that there was some kind of "divine" intervention. We didn't want to get another cat right now, no matter that it was a feral or a stray. DH was adamantly against us getting a third cat. But even *he* couldn't refuse her when he saw her, and he was as determined as I was to get her inside, safe and sound for the winter -- so here she is!
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Growing up, the kitties in my family were all chosen from rescues, with the exception of one petstore kitten that my mom couldn't resist.

Delilah I picked out at the shelter. She was 10 weeks old and just an adorable bundle of black fluff. Blue I sort of picked; I was planning on going to the shelter to adopt, but then I saw my neighbor's oops litter, and Blue was so tiny and sick (and looked so much like that aforementioned petstore kitten) that I had to bring her home with me. Piper came from another neighbor's oops litter. And Griffin & Bastian I chose from a breeder.
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The only one i picked out of my 4 was little Velvet. The rest were foster kitties who "adopted" me I am soo happy with my kitties- i feel like they're all a great match for me- i just love them sooo much!!
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We picked out Harley - he was my boyfriends moms' cats litter & he was the tiny runt of the litter, underweight & could harley walk straight! He waddled right towards me & it was love at first sight!

Bayley - well, he kinda picked us! We adopted him from the shelter. We sat down in the kennel of about 20 kittens & he hopped right up on my lap & kissed my nose, jumped down, did the same to my boyfriend & it was over. He was ours

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I didn't get to pick either.

I was trying to rescue 5 feral kittens to find homes for and Frisco was the only one I managed to "catch". When he realised I was helping him he started to show his trust for me, and only me (I lived with my parents at the time). We grew so attached to eachother so fast. I knew then he was meant to be mine and I was able to keep him.
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We picked out all of our cats...except Shilo & Sadee are Spookys babies
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I didn't pick out any of mine, either. DH found Tailer in a cage behind a local village's offices waiting for the county to come and put him down, so he (literally) busted him out and brought him home. Harvey was being given up by my husband's ex, so we took him in. Forest I found at my vet's office looking for a home, and it was love at first sight.
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I picked out Beauty - she was asleep at the rescue centre when I went to volunteer and I fell for her badly and persuaded my family to have her. I wish I could have another cat - I would pick Ruby, a shy girl who's been there a few weeks now.
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To some extent we did with Boomer and Autumn.

Magnum and Bumper just helped themselves into our lives, Magnum climbing in a basement window and Bumps hitching a ride home in the bumper of the truck.

Boomer was the runt of a neighour's cat's litter. The others had been taken and he was left in the box hiding in the corner and Matt had to have him.

Scully we agreed to take without ever seeing him, he needed to be rehomed and Matt's brother asked if we would take him as the shelters were all going to have him PTS for medical problems.

Autumn, I fell in love with when she let me pet her at the shelter I volunteer at. I had said no more kitties, but who else wants a feral cat who doesn't trust them. Once the trust was there I had to bring her home. There are lots of 'pretty' and 'loving' ones at the shelter I could have picked over her had I gone in looking for a cat, but she picked me (and now ignores me and is a daddy's girl)
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I inherited Zane when Father died. I can't imagine not having that lump on my bed now.
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We went to a neighbour who had 3 kittens. I wanted to take all 3 but my SO said no! There were 2 pure black ones and a black and white. I adored the black and white; she was very shy and timid. Then Harry was going mental around us and since we wanted a boy, we went for him. I love him to bits but I wish we'd taken at least one more as well
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