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did you get to pick out your cat? Did you want to?

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Be honest how many of u got to actually look at a bunch of cats and get to pick one? I NEVER DO i always take in ones that find me usually

I really wanted to get a solid black cat but i was never able to
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I did not pick out the kitty, she was given to me and that was okay by me, I wouldn't have been able to pick anyway!
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Well....I went to an adopt-a-thon and looked at many very beautiful cats, and picked one out that was tortoise colored, but Spot (white cat in siggy) picked me! He looked awful, but everytime I walked into the little trailer where his cage was, he would reach for me through the cage and meow.
So, I was hooked and relied on my instinct that he was the cat for me. And he's been my "best friend" since.
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Princess poops-a-lot.. is that name for real? It's hilarious. I have to say I got to pick my kittens... I had a choice of three from a litter, and I picked the two sisters... as badly as I wanted the third, I really didn't see it as a good choice financially. They are a blast though and they were young enough (2.5 months) where I don't think they'll remember their sibling... and we did see her at the vet and they had a little kitty reunion... it was adorable
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Both of my cats came from litters. Fina only had a brother and we don't adopt males, so we had to get her - plus, she was the only kitten all year! Coriander was in a litter of five. We didn't want a black one, or another tabby, or a male, so that left her too, but I'm very glad I got her
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i was just thinking the other day that in my 50 years I have never picked out any of my cats! They were given to me or were strays.
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I picked them out from a shelter, but Swanie really picked me. and i picked Cindy because she was so sweet.
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Not me. I usually take in homeless kitties, or ones that already have a home and need a new one.

Chynna was abandoned and I took her in to rescue her and she ended up adopting me. I couldn't give her up after she gave me hugs and nose kisses the very first time I held her.

Abby came to live with me sight unseen. I was wanting to adopt a second kitty as a companion for Chynna and my friend's daughter's ex roommate had a 4 month old kitten left from a litter so she brought her over to me.

Some of my RB kitties that I guess I did sort of have a hand in "picking"

Kira I brought home from a strawberry farm. She kept rubbing up against my legs despite dozens of other people in the area. She was about 8 weeks old when she came to live with me. She was a torti.

Toby was 10 years old when I adopted her. Her Dad put an ad in the paper written as if it were the kitty advertising. So cute! I knew before I even saw her that I was going to bring her home with me. He had her since she was a wee kitten and took really good care of her. But his work hours increased and he was hardly home and he didn't think it was right to leave her alone by herself for so many hours in the day. Plus his job started to involve travel. So he decided to do the right thing and to find her a new forever home. I kept taking her to the same vet she had been going to. She died at age 12 from end stage renal failure.
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Originally Posted by Squatting pUMA View Post
Princess poops-a-lot.. is that name for real?

Yes it is. She's my boyfriend's cat and that's the name he graced her with.

Just imagine if we had kids...
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I picked Roxy out she was in a litter of 4 and was a free kitten. Kricket and Worm both found me. Id love to get a bengal someday, just dont think i will ever do it, so many animals in shelters that need homes.
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No I had no intentions of getting a Kitten, but when I stepped out my front door, and found a newborn kittie squealing, it was love at first sight, I couldn't be happier, I don't think I could hav choosen a better Cat.
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They picked us, well, except for Ivory and Cassi, the rescue picked us as the prefered home for special needs kitty, Ivory.
I never saw her or Cassi before they were brought to me, I simply said yes over the phone

When we got Vash and Trouble, we were looking for kittens, and there were a bunch at the rescue, but again, they picked us.
I'd have adopted their mom as well, but she was adopted before her kittens were even born, she was just waiting for her spay.
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Mine all picked me, I didn't pick any of them. I'm very happy that it worked out that way.

I think the best pets are the ones that pick you. I was at a Cat Clinic open house yesterday and our rescue group was placed in the room with their 1 and only adoptable cat. As people toured the facility, everyone stopped in to look at this beautiful boy. Towards the end of the day, and for the first time that day, a woman walked in and he hopped up, stood on his hind legs and tried to reach her through the bars. He took one look at this woman and got really excited. The woman was startled, made some comment about already having a full house and walked away. The vet saw this exchange, knew the woman, and was going to call her later to tell her that she had been picked. In fact there were 5 of us in the room at the time and we all noticed it, as it was that obvious. It was really weird to watch this first hand. I thought they picked any sucker with a compassionate face, but this cat was highly selective on who he wanted to live with!
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I took Ophelia so she wasn't euthanized(releasing a deaf feral wasn't an option).
I adopted Damita & Dorian because nobody wanted Damita who was "almost dead" at 7 years.
Twitch picked me.
Lily picked Twitch.
Molly I picked, as she was incessantly ill at the shelter & it wasn't fair to keep medicating her, she was a canidate for euthanisia.
The rest of the farm cats were born here, or else semi-ferals who decided the grubs good here.
PJ & Punky, my foster boys, I picked as they were sick & very poorly socialized.
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I did
Well, I really would have taken any kitty I coul get...I had been waiting forever...
but I was lucky enough to have my pick. I picked them all up and talked to them and the one little solid black one gave me a smile and talked right back
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We went to Petsmart to adopt one kitten for my birthday but we ended up taking two home after Tiger grabbed at my husband like he had chosen us!
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
The vet saw this exchange, knew the woman, and was going to call her later to tell her that she had been picked. In fact there were 5 of us in the room at the time and we all noticed it, as it was that obvious. It was really weird to watch this first hand. I thought they picked any sucker with a compassionate face, but this cat was highly selective on who he wanted to live with!
Let us know what happens! He obviously wants to go home with her. I hope she reconsiders!
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Well I went to the petstore one day to get something with a friend of mine and there was Tavia and I went to her and it was like we both knew that we belonged together and my friend got her for me cause my husband at the time wouldn't and she has been my baby every since then. she is actually staring at me right now. She has never failed to trust me either where as other people it takes awhile for them to build trust with her. She knew my dad for six months before she would let him touch her. She immediately went to me.
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I've more/less chosen most of my cats - only a few found me. Mitten was a stray that stayed (and probably my best loved cat). He was not one I'd have picked out in a group - he was a blue mctabby/white, but his personality was awesome

I do like looking at the shelter cats at shows and mentally saying "if I could take one home it would be this one". I've shown a lot of cats over the years, and my "pick" is looking at show potential - whether its a pedigree or a HHP.

Ling picked us - I was planning on keeping one of her brothers as I like males better, but every time I went in the room with the kittens, Ling was first out of the box sitting at your feet screaming to be picked up. So I figured she really wanted to stay.
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I spent 2 weeks picking out Junior, my first cat, part of which was convincing myself that I really wanted a cat in the first place.

I first started looking on Labor Day weekend. I went to the local shelter and Junior was one of 2 cats which stuck their paws out through their pen gate at me. The other cat had a white & orange coat, which I really wasn't looking for. Anyway, I spent the next weekend looking at other places, including a feline rescue center and the humane society. I went back to the shelter on 9/15 and Junior was still there, which solidified my decision to get him. After buying all of the requisite supplies that evening, I adopted Junior on 9/16.

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When I got dinah, I went to see what puppies they had with a friend at the SPCA. And because I am a cat person, I had to go see all the babies, and spend time with each one. . .

I have always wanted an odd eyed white, and there was my girl, all two pounds of her sitting in a cage with her brother. . . She was so tiny, she fit in my hand, and I played with her, and was hooked. She had to come home with me!

I wanted to take her brother too but I could only have one where I was living. . . I often wonder how he is doing. . .
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Growing up, my family always took in cats that were given to us or more often then not, kittens and cats I found. I did have a couple that I specifically chose that I was closer to then many of the others.

Sho was born to one of my grandmother's cats. She was able to find homes for all of them except for him (I kind of help make it that way ). I had my eye on him since he was born and ended up with him a few months later. He was the quiet, fat little kitten that preferred nap time. Nothing has changed.

Tomas I found at 10 weeks old in the backyard yelling for his mother cat....or a reasonable replacement. I took the little brat in and couldn't say no to him he thinks I'm his mom now anyways.
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I sort of picked my cats. I went to the petstore and then each of them did something that caught my attention. Petunia and her sister were both sitting in cages in the front window and Petunia looked so miserable that I couldn't help but take her home! Pepper came from the same place and I played with him and his siblings. He was giving me kisses and playing with my hair so I brought him home next. I adopted them a few months apart, but it has taken them a year to begin to like each other.
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Originally Posted by chausiefan View Post
Be honest how many of u got to actually look at a bunch of cats and get to pick one? I NEVER DO i always take in ones that find me usually

I really wanted to get a solid black cat but i was never able to
I love black kitties! Fortunately I have 3 .....most of my kitties are "drop -offs" form family/friends who didn't want or could not keep them any more. (the same goes for the other animals as well)
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We only picked Rocket the other 4 picked us.

Twig came from a cousins farm when he was way to young to be away from his momma (we didn't know better back then) about 5 weeks old.

Neffie was the basement cat of a friend who hated people, my friends daughter decided she didn't want Neffie anymore so I took her because I knew noone would adopt her in a shelter.

Isis and Luna were my ferals I was feeding while they were preggers. Isis lost her kittens (we think) to racoons and Luna we don't know what happened to hers. So we brought them inside to live out their lives without anymore fear, or worry about where their next meals was coming from.
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We sought out all our cats except 2. One came from my Aunt because of problems with her rental agreement. The other came when my Mom and Step-Dad got married. Most came from the SPCA. One was from a family member's cat who had a litter. I don't remember about our first cat (I was 2 when we got her).
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Brownie chose me. He wandered on our deck and I fed him.

When he died we went to the shelter looking for a black cat. Came home with Butzie instead. First 2 cats in her room were feral black cats who hissed at me. Butzie wanted me and purred and meowed at me.

Recently, I read an article about research a guy at Cornell did on cat vocalizations. In one part he said that a cat at a shelter can be very sweet so that you adopt it. Well, duh! I can say that because I went to Cornell.
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I chose Demetri and Ana from the breeder, she offered me Farley as well a few weeks before Ana came home.
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i haven't picked most of my cats - I have been to shelters twice (once deliberately for a cat, once I was determined not to come home with one!!), the first time they only had one adoptable cat, the second time i came home with a different cat to what i would have picked, as my friend said I had to have Snowy!! I have 'chosen' a couple of fosters though, only one of the ones I chose has stayed though, but she had been with us over a year with no interest before I decided to keep her.
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Well, of our lifetime, I'd say 3 we picked and 3 the fates-that-be picked for us. The first three cats we had, two we chose from the breeders (*cough*BYB*cough*) and one we chose from the shelter. The next three (Willow, Buffy, Molly) came to us by their own will. Well, technically we "picked" Willow, but I'm not sure that's right, because of the whole litter, only one wasn't a dilute tortoiseshell (he was an orange-and-white). It was just a pack of sleeping, dead-to-the-world dilute torti kittens. I think we just went eeny-meeny-miney-mo and ended up with Willow. But Buffy came when my brother's girlfriend at the time, who worked at a vet clinic, came over with an orphaned kitten she thought we'd like to meet, and Molly came to us in the guise of a kitten stuck in a tree and lost from her owners (nobody ever called for her)

The first three kitties we had, who we picked ourselves, went as follows:

Yoshi - he was the last surviving member of his litter (disgustingly, his breeder, an aging woman, gassed the litter to death, though I'm not sure why she spared Yoshi). Yoshi was also born with a problem with his back legs, where they didn't work as they should, but he grew out of it and was a completely normally kitten by the time he came to live with us

Sasha - we picked him out at the shelter after Yoshi "ran away" (hah, yeah right. Poor guy was probably hit by a car). My brother picked him out, so I guess we got Yoshi because he was "cool" (I guess young boys don't care for kittens, they like the full-grown, long-haired fluffy MEN, lol)

Grizzly - we chose him ourselves, but there were two kittens ahead of him. First one, by my own choice, was a shorthaired grey female, but my family said no (totally sexist, dad didn't want any females; too "scratchy" and "crazy," apparantly). Next, I wanted a longhair black-and-white like Yoshi had been, but that one was already spoken for by the breeders' relative (the "breeders" were one of our neighbours and one of the kids was my good friend). So we chose the longhair black guy, and he ended being a delight.
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