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She WILL NOT pee in the litter box!!!!

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Hi, new here

My cute little blue eyed white kitten WONT use the litter box. I've never had a cat have this problem....

When she was 6 weeks old, first time in the house, she used it for about a day then decided anywhere else in my room was a much better place to go.

She went outside for a few weeks because I was fed up and we were moving...

Shes 10ish weeks old now and we just moved into the apartment with her yesterday. She was using the kitty litter box yesterday perfectly fine! There was a little pee and a little poo in there. But yet I woke up to both on the bed, in the living room, on the chair.... NOW I've put her in the laundry room with the kitty litter all day today but she must be going behind the washing machine or something...

I've been plopping her kitty butt in the litter pan every 20 minutes trying to get her to pee in there, nope.

Ideas............................................. ?

About ready to get rid of kitty
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She's still just a baby, they often can't make it to the box in time.
I'd have several, small, kitten sized trays around until she's a little older.
It's no different than potty training a human baby really, it take awhile for them to build up the muscle to hold it long enough to reach the box, so there will be accidents.

I would also get her to the vet to rule out a medical problem.
Adooption, tossing her outside, moving, all of these are stressors for cats, and stress can often make them ill.

Also, some cats simply prefer two boxes, one to pee in and one to poo in.

You are going to have to use an enzymatic cleaner everywhere she has gone, or she is going to still smell it, no matter how well you have cleaned in.
Nature's Miracle is probably about the best one out there.

ETA: If she is solid white and blue eyed, please, test her for deafness.
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You may try switching the brand of cat litter. Her not going in there could be a sign that she's not fond of the litter that you're using. Often times a cat may go on the bed because of the choice of litter.

Another thing, my first weekend with Luna was just tossing her in the litterbox over and over. I did it once on the hour, even if she didn't have to go. Basically I was introducing her to the litter box. She picked up on it right by the next day and so I was rewarding her with treats.
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If possible I would keep in refined to a smaller area with litterbox and
puchase at pet store "cat attract" litter made by Dr Esley.
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My first cat that I got when I left home now belongs to my parents. I have four more now, but he was too attached to my mom so I had to give them the cat. Anyhow when he was a kitten he started doing this same thing. I thought he just couldn't get to the litter box in time. I took him to the vet and he had an infection. The vet said he wasn't digesting his food correctly it was just going right through him. After the medication he was better and never has accidents. Take him to the vet first.

My other cat Dumpster I still have this problem with. I got him when he was 7 months old and it started with just him pooing outside the box but now it's pee too because I have more cats and he won't touch the box even though I have 6 boxes. His is behavioral and I don't know how to break it.

I guess the first thing is to find out if it's medical or behavioral and if it's behavioral hopefully he will grow out of it while you train him.

Good Luck.
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also, try the "Kitten Attract" litter [or additive]. i found it at PetSmart, & it worked great on my newest addition, a former feral kitten. also does a pretty good job of keeping my male from pooping on my bed [something he used to do about once a month ].
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Also, she could very well be deaf, please don't put her outside again, that's a death sentence.

I suggest getting her vet checked. She's young, probably taken from mom too early as she should still be with mom right now....so she probably never learned how to use the litterbox.
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