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Ohh!! No!!!

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Me an the wife came back from a weekend away, Amber and Milo stay at the rescue centre which is where we got them from. But after taking two there on Friday evening we came back with three. Yep! we adopted another one. Minny. Minny the Minx I think she is about 12 weeks old, eats like a horse, and is a purrfect playmate for Milo as he has so much energy.

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Isn't she gorgeous!! Congratulations
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She's a cutie! Aren't Minx's the ones without a tail? I really need to go over the breeds again.
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aw she's a cutie
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Wow! That's a deal for boarding, isn't it?
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No I referre to Minny the Minx as she was a cartoon character in an old English comic, she was always in trouble, Hence the terminology Minx. And I made a mistake, she is 6months old.
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What a pretty kitty! Congrats on your new furbaby!!!
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Awww, congrats on the new addition! She looks like my nieces kitty.
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