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Happy Birthday Adymarie!!!!!!!!!!!

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WoooooHoooo! Happy Birthday!!!!!

Hope you have a great day!!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! Please have a great day, and make sure you get your birthday wish!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear ADYMARIIIIEEEE!
Happy Birthday day to you!

And many moooooooore!
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I'm not going to scare you with my singing voice, so I'll just say:

HAPPY B-DAY ADY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:rainbow: :baloon:
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Thanks everybody! I am having a great day so far! I have the day off work and the hubby is going to take me to see LOTR the Two Towers and to dinner! He also went crazy with the Eeyore prezzies! Yeah! He bought me 3 Eeyore sweaters plus a Josh Grobin CD/DVD combo. My best friend also bought me Eeyore PJ's. Can you tell I love Eeyore? :tounge2: I will try to catch up on the site soon - I promise!
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Better late than never - Adrienne happy happy birthday. Hope the film and dinner date go great!!!!
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Happy Birthday Adrienne!!!

Eeyore is my favorite WTP character too! I saw some jammies at the Disney Store in the mall, but I couldn't get them
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Have a great day
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Just a little late, but Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday!!!!

(not sure if image will work)
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Adrienne! I hope this is the best birthday ever!

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Shucks - thanks everyone! The movie was great, except the hubby fell asleep and started snoring! How can you fall asleep during LOTR? Because he was tired we came home and order chinese for dinner instead of going out. That's ok - I love chinese take out!
Lhezza - thanks for the Eeyores!
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Wow, I'm really late on this one! Please know my heartfelt wishes are sincere, albeit late.

Happy Birthday Ady!!!

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ADY!!!!!!! I am SO sorry I am late with this! Hope your Birthday was GREAT!!!!!
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I'm really embarrased about being sooooo late!!!
Of course, that means I'll just have to sing!!!!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Ady!
Happy birthday to you!!!!!

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You have a nice voice, Lorie!
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I realize the day's almost gone, but happy b'day, girl.
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You really liked my singing Jeanie??????
You're such a dear!!!!!!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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