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Working at a Shelter UK

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I have been considering for a while now voluntering at a shelter. I have looked on the websites I can find for some of the ones around here.

I am a very loving person, and a good judge of character. I don't mean to sound cold hearted because I'm not at all like that, but I can handle pretty much anything and am able to detatch myself quite easily emotionally.

Just Some questions to the Experts

What kind of jobs would be available. I would like something more interactive with the animals, whether its cleaning cages/pens or helping with socialisation. Are these places too easy to fill? Or would they take on as many people who would like to help? I would like to foster but can't as I don't have the space.

It may sound selfish, but are there any where or job role you can be paid? If not, I'm sure the money will be made for my family by the government but I just want to check.

And finally, do they take people on as temporary or will they take on permanant? I know alot of people tend to do dog walking during the summer or help out on school breaks.

I also need to be sure of an health risks to myself as I have a young son. We don't have rabies over here though.

Thanks in advance, like I said I've been thinking about it for a while now and would like to finally act on it.
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It has been a while since I did any volunteering in the UK and mine was always in school holidays, but they were always unpaid and they let you sign up for pretty much anything.

I am not sure what you mean by being provided for by the government, but if you are talking about claiming unemployment and volunteering you will still need to prove you are looking for a job
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I mean child tax credit and working tax credit which makes up our income because we are working family on a low wage. I wouldn't claim job seekers alowance or benefits like that. I would probably stay at my current job but only do weekends.
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speak to the Job center about your benefits, they will be able to let you know how it works.

I have just started volunteering one day a week and everyone does everything, once all the nasty jobs are done we get to play and socialize the cats, I enjoy it, even the cleaning bit ( volunteer in the US)
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Yeah but if they find out you have time where you are volunteering and could be working you can lose benefits / tax credits unless you can prove it is helping you to get a better job. It is amazing the loop holes they have in the tax and benefit system in both their favour and claimants.
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Whatever you want to do, I'm sure there'll be a rescue that will be happy to have you. Rescues need people to clean out pens, play with and socialise cats, do homechecks, transport cats to and from vets etc. as well as admin type jobs. I'd just contact a few rescues local to you and ask them if they need any volunteers. Most will be delighted!
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