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Inflammatory bowel disease

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Hello. My cat Corona has chronic Inflammatory bowel disease. I have tried many different drugs including Prednisone and a low carb, high protein diet. I have tried raw rabbit, cooking the meals myself. Everything. My only goal now is too keep her pain free as I know she will always have this disease. My concern is that her stools are so loose she often leaks and is incontinent which is very messy. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?
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Did feeding raw help at all? How long did you feed her raw and was her diet exclusively raw?
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You might ask your vet about using this pro-biotic product. I am using it while some of my foster cats are taking antibiotics. Having said that, one of my kittens seems to have developed worse diarrhea (similar to what you describe) since I began to put it on their food. But the reviews from others about this product are good.


Other than that, I also had a cat with IBD many years back. I sympathize with you. Mine also did not respond to Prednisone.

I was able to get her stabilized on a canned wet food that is no longer made (Waltham's I think lamb and rice). But the lamb and rice combo seemed to really help her. It was a major crisis however, when Waltham altered the formula, so if possible see if you can get your cat stabilized on more than one brand of food. I realize this is close to impossible having been through it with my cat, but I feel like I have to say it.

I found a really good site with links about IBD. You may already know about these. Here are the links. They include treatment discussions and support forums for cat IBD parents:






Good luck. My heart goes out to you and your kitty.
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I know exaclty what you are dealing with and I can completely sympathise. My kitty, Simon has IBD (we think we have narrowed it down to that but he has not had any invastive procedures done) and the solution to his problem was a raw diet. We tried everything else, and his diahrrea never got any better, but with raw, the results were almost immediate! He eats Natures Variety chicken/turkey and he had firm stools within 24 hours of transitioning him over to raw. Maybe that would work for your kitty too???
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