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Licking and kneading

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I’ve read some of the other post on this topic, but they didn’t seem to offer an answer to the problem.

Two days ago I bought home the cutest little kitten from the SPCA and named her Kande. When we got home I showed her where her litter box, food and water are located put her on the floor and she promptly hid. I expected that. Had done research. She came out a little later and lay on the bed next to me, had the computer in my lap. When I went to bed she went back to her hiding spot under the bed and stayed there the entire night as far as I know. I suffer from insomnia off and on and Friday night was another sleepless one so I spent a good bit of Saturday afternoon napping and she curled up in the bed and napped with me. Didn’t expect that so soon. Probably should’ve kept her awake. Yesterday evening she slept in my lap while I watched TV, but vanished when I began to yell at the Red Sox. Every once in a while she would sit on my lap, stand against my chest, knead my breast and licked my chin. Thought it was cute, but I would pull her down and put her in my lap because I was raised not to let an animal lick my face. Have to get used to it. She would be content to lay there for a while then start on my arm or fingers and then move back to my chin and I’d firmly say “no,†and put her back in my lap. After I lay down to sleep she licked and kneaded whatever exposed skin she could find and was purring so much she sounded like a small outboard. Sometimes that’s what woke me up and not her claws. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s really uncomfortable. When it first started I put her on the floor and she went off somewhere, but was soon back. This went on all night. By the end she was barely on the floor before she was trying to get back in the bed and I was covered in dried cat drool. Called my mom this morning and she suggested I put her in the carrier. Slept until she started crying. Then let her out and it started again. Now she’s sleep in my lap. Not too worried. My mom wants me to come over for dinner and bring her (she loves cats, but my dad hates them he probably won’t eat here again), so she should have a very busy evening.

If she did it every once in a while it would be ok, but it’s become almost constant. I don’t want to have to take her back. Feel that would be awfully cruel after she’s been free for the last couple days, but every moment of sleep I can get is very important. I can’t put her out my bedroom because the only bathroom in the apartment is in the bedroom and that’s where I put her litter box. I’d hate to have to put it in the living room. I’ve found her sleeping in the bathtub, but I’d also hate to lock her in the bathroom all night. That doesn’t fix the problem during the day. Is there anything I can do besides putting her on the floor and saying “no,†to stop this? She is very affectionate in other ways. Loves to just lay in my lap and be petted. Is always next to me and loves to play. Sometimes she’ll even hold one of my fingers. I’m growing to love her and she’s a blast to have around.
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Kande might find whatever lotion or cream you use quite tasty. It could be the reason for the constant licking. However you can try this to stop her licking your face: The next time you see Kande nearing your face just blow air directly on her face. It won't take long for Kande to understand you do not like that part of your body touched.
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I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. There’s a story from when i was younger about my aunts cat liking my mom’s deodorant and how it made for an interesting visit. Thank you for the tip.

It’s gotten better. Don’t know if it’s because she’s more comfortable with me or my efforts to discourage it. Sunday and Monday it happened a little during the day, but I was on the computer at those times and I think she’s jealous of it. Right now she’s stalking flies, so she doesn't care. Think I’m in the way because every time she has to go around me she makes a noise. I’ve been waiting for her to just go crashing through. Sunday night when she tried I completely covered up and she eventually lay next to me and she only tried once when i was sleep and I did the same thing and she just lay down. Last night I don’t even know when she came to bed. Woke up and she was stretched out next to me.
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