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Poor Spotty has an eye infection

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I noticed that my little Spotty had some goop draining from her eye and she was squinting earlier this week. I took her to the vet yesterday and he dyed her eye and examined it. He couldn't find any scratches, but he said it looks like conjunctivitis. So, he gave us some Gentamicin drops to put in her eye 3x/day.

We started the drops yesterday, and she's already caught on. This morning when my husband set her on his lap she buried her face in the crook of his elbow! As adorable as it was, we had to pry her head out of there.

Hopefully it gets better soon. Her activity level hasn't changed (she's bunny kicking a toy as we speak), but she sure looks miserable with that nasty eye.
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Hi, I'm sorry to here about Spottie's eye but I am grateful of the post as I have just noticed a similar issue with my kitty, the oozing eye and squinting. I thought I would come on here, to see what it could be even though I knew we would be taking a trip to the vet! Thanks for the post though as I am reassured that it is nothing to serious, I hope. Best wishes to Spotty x x
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Hi, you don't mention Spotty's age - is she a kitten? Does she have any other symptoms such as a stuffy nose or sneezing? If so, there is a chance that she has been exposed to feline herpes (many cats are). I would use the meds as directed, but if the tissue around her eye looks swollen or her pupil looks different, she might need to go back to the vet to get anti-viral drops. (The antibiotics will take care of a secondary bacterial infection, but not the virus itself.) Then again, she may just have a bacterial infection of the eye. I hope she feels better soon!
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She's probably about 9 years old...nothing else is out of the ordinary other than the drainage and a slightly inflamed conjunctiva. I was watching her pupil size closely because that was a symptom of an eye problem in my other cat several years ago. Her pupils were not symmetrical and she was subsequently diagnosed with uveitis.
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