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Cat keeps peeing on rugs.

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I have a female persian cat, chloe who's around 2 years old. We have 2 other female cats, but we're pretty sure its Chloe. we have 3 littler boxes and we keep them all clean. in our laundry room is one of the littler boxes and we also have rugs on the floor. Chloe keeps peeing on the rugs, yet the litter box is right there in the same room. Sometimes if we have dirty towels on the floor she pees on them too. there have been a few times when its just been regular laundry, but it seems to be mostly towels besides the rugs. All of our cats are outside, we clean the litterboxes 2 times daily, but she still pee's on the rugs. Its been happening for about a year.

We moved to a different house last summer, and it seems like it started then. At our last house, are other cat pixie peed sometimes in the plants, mostly when she was pregnate, but chloe was a kitten then and used the box.

What is something that could be cuasing chloe to do this? She's perfectly healthy so i'm pretty certain its not a UTI, though we are going to take her to the vet soon just to be 100% sure.
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Hi there and welcome.

First off rule out a UTI with the vet asap. Even if you don't think it is, cats can get them very easily and may not show any other symptoms.

Cats tend to find a surface they find comfortable and then pee on it regularly. In my case it was any bag, be it plastic or synthetic material. The only way we could cut it out was, if we caught him in the act, confine him to a room for a 'time out' to let him know it was wrong. If we didn't catch him we couldn't do anything.

Our solution was to make sure we never ever leave bags lying around so never leave towels lying around! If the rugs weren't washed in an extremely hot wash then the cat will continue to get her scent and continue to remark the spot. Once the rugs are clean then you could try Feliway. I don't know where you are located but in Ireland you can only get it through a vet; in the USA from other posts I've sensed it is much more readily available.

I hope that helps.
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