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spayed mom won't eat  

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hi, i am having a really big problem. my cat had 3 kittens and then got an infection because the placenta wouldn't come out, so we took her to the emergency after hours vet and they spayed her and removed the placenta while she was open. she is home and she sems to be feeding the babies, but she won't eat or drink anything. the doctor prescribed her amoxicillion and she barely takes it. she acts like she has a cold, but it must be the infection still. i'm scared she will die if she don't eat soon. do you have any advice on how to get her to eat? thanks in advance.
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When did your cat have her surgery? I recently had Maxx neutered and it was a couple days before he started eating again. And your cat had a more involved surgery. Plus antibiotics can make them anorexic because they can make them feel nausious. Try giving her some canned, really stinky good stuff! Squeeze tuna water in it. Warm up her food. Anything to coax her into eating. Normally she would be ok for a couple days but since she is nursing she needs some nutrition. HOpe she's feeling better real soon!
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mom is still not eating. she will drink some water and she took some of her med, but thats all. we lost pumpkin. since she is not eating, her milk dried up. one of the two survivors is pretty weak, too. i am trying to feed them myself, but right not i only have 2% milk. i mixed it with some water and heated it up. i am off today so i can feed them every 3 hrs, but i don't know what i will do when i go back to work tomorrow. i wish someone could help me with all this, as my husband is not much help. i am still very worried about mom and now the two surviving kittens. mom had her surgery 2 days ago.
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oh, no. spice died. she was so weak, i wasn't sure she'd make it. after my post i fed her some more and she started perking up quite a bit, but when i went to give them their next feeding, i only saw one kitten. i looked all over their box, and found her under the towel. this sucks so bad. two of klayre's kittens have passed and she's still not eating. i've been feeding autumn. god i hope she makes it. i can't take any more sadness. i don't know what to do.
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Where in Tn are you? If you are in East Tn I may be able to help. The 2% milk isn't going to help the kittens survive. They need something like Catsip or KMR that you can get at Walmart or any grocery store. Have you tried giving her boiled chicken or any canned food? Poor babies!
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i live in erwin, tn. autumn seems to be doing pretty good. will 2% milk be ok until tomorrow. i can get some just born then. i may be able to this evening if i can borrow some money from my inlaws.
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Well,you're about two hours drive east of me. I would really try and get some tonight because cows milk can give them diarreah, but if momma kitty has no milk, I suppose it's better than nothing! I'd be happy to meet you half way and bring you some kmr and a bottle/medicine dropper. In the mean time, do whatever you can to try and get mom to eat something...anything!! If she doesn't eat soon, she may go into liver failure.
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autumn is now eating just born, every 3 or 4 hours. oh, and she made a brown poopy. it was runny, but that's from the 2% milk. mom (klayre) still is not eating any food, but we gave her some just born in a dropper and she took it fairly well. i wonder if we can do that with mom until we get her to eat something. how do i keep her warm? mom, don't want to sleep with her.
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Sending prayers and that everything turns out fine with you kitty family. Here's a link that will give you answers to most of your questions.
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This is just for if you can't get or don't have the KMR or Just born formula and you have to make your own. It's from this website:

1 lg. can evaporated milk (not Milnot)
2 tbsp. plain yogurt (not diet)
2 tbsp. mayonnaise (real)
1 tbs. Karo Syrup (light)
1 pkg. Knox gelatin
1 egg yolk (beaten)
1 cup of liquid unflavored Pedialyte

Mix milk, yogurt, mayonnaise and syrup together well.
Bring 1 cup water to boil and mix in Knox gelatin; set aside.
Mix egg yolk with small amount of milk mixture and beat well.
Add gelatin and water to milk mixture and beat well. Add in egg yolk mixture and beat well.
Pour into a freezer safe bowl or similar type of bowl with a cover and set in refrigerator.
We usually use Ice Cube Trays for our glop pudding. Pudding will last for two weeks covered in refrigerator.
Always warm pudding to room temperature (milk form) before feeding.
It is very rich in calcium, this pudding can be used as a supplement for kittens, sick cats and show cats to put on weight. Several Veterinarians have approved this recipe as being balanced and nutritious.
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my little survivor is having problems. he can't breathe through his nose, instead he breathes through his mouth. i took him to the vet and they said he has fleabite anemia. i really need some advice. he needs to breathe. i'm scared for him. i don't understand. he was doing so good.
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Oh no...I'm so sorry. I hope the little fella pulls thru. Anemia from fleas is very serious in babies tho. So what did the vet do about the Momma cat?
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oh my god, i don't know what to do. i can't lose him too.
the vet said that mom should eat when the medication is gone and for us to force her pedialite. do you have any ideas so i can get adum (instead of autumn-vet said he's a boy) to breathe through his nose? i love the little booger very much and could not stand to lose him.
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Did the vet give him any meds? Is it a cold that's got him congested or is it from the anemia? You could try running a hot shower with the bathroon door shut, and letting it get good and steamy,and keep him in there for a little while. That's about all I know to do. Maybe someone else will be on here soon and have better advice for you than me. I'll be saying a prayer and sending healing that he gets better.
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he is barely alive. he looks like he's gone, but every now and then he still gasps for and crys. the crying as stopped now tho. my crying won't go away. i love him so much. i think he is too far gone now to do anything. he couldn't breathe through his nose and therefore he could suck on his bottle. i used a little dropper and managed to get some food in his system, but not much. i gave him his vitamins with iron that the vet gave him and i gave him karo syrup like the vet advised. i am so sad. he had suffered or is still suffering quite a while. he's definitely a little fighter, but he's fighting a war too big for him. and more bad news mom is still not eating. she drank a bunch of water this afternoon, and went and layed on the couch, peeing unintentionally on it. she's still bleeding (not as bad as before surgery, but is still bleeding some). her nose bleeds and her eyes look clearer like she's getting better, but apparently she's not.
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Have you contacted the vet about the Mom? I really think she needs to see the vet again.

I hope the kitten pulls through.
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my baby adum just died. and we are probally gonna have to put mom to sleep. that's all we can afford for her. this is so unfair. all the babies die and now we have to put mom to sleep. i am so sad.
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I'm soo sorry. Rest in peace little Adum...
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we just got back from the vet, we had to put mom to sleep. she was so warm and looked so peaceful. i placed adum in the box with her. i will send some pics of them if you want, through email, just let me know in private message. that way you will feel like you knew them.
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I'm very sorry for your loss. When your feel up to it, why don't you start a thread for them in our Crossing the Bridge forum?

Out of respect for the kitties that are no longer with us, I am closing this thread.

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