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Cloned cat

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Cloned Cat hardly looks like original
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Wow, that was interesting! And they don't look alike really! Thanks for posting that!
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That would be complete ignorance to think that a cloned cat would have the same personality traits as the donor. Even to know the same tricks?! Hardly! It's a genetic clone, NOT a personality clone. People are so willing to believe they can have their old pet back it's ridiculous! I can't quote them for copyright reasons, but I will paraphrase. They touched on the fact that there are millions of cats out there who desperatly need homes and we don't need another way for them to reproduce. I agree wholeheartedly.

The only thing I like about cloning is the idea of having organs for people who need them. But I don't agree about cloning whole people. There are already enough homeless people to show that society can't handle more people. Maybe I'm wrong and the homeless are just people who are down on their luck and don't want to be helped at the moment, anyway, I don't believe we need more people.

Just my opinion.
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There are too many animals, and too many humans full body's do not need to be cloned. It makes me said that people will want to clone pets for their looks who are already SPAYED/NEUTURED so that they can BREED them.

Society will never learn with they?
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Too many times, scientists do things just because they CAN. As long as someone, with more dollars than sense is willing to put up the money, someone will work for them.

If you want a cat - go to a shelter and adopt!
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There is a lot I could say about this but I will decline to for the sake of ticking someone off. Cloning pets is wrong. There are other needy animals in shelters! I don't believe that people should be cloned either. Even if it is for a couple who can't have children. There is a reason why things like that happen. It's God's plan. There are plenty of children out there that need a Mom and a Dad.
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I agree with you Nenners. I think its so wrong to clone! But I do believe in stem cell research for the sake of finding a cure for diseases such as parkinsons, etc.
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Too many times, scientists do things just because they CAN.
I'm sorry if this offends or upsets anyone, but as a research scientist I felt I had to respond. An ethical scientist does not do something just because they can, but because they are trying to study an experimental question. Unfortunately, in our world where the media only gives us 30 second sound bites, this is often lost.

Cloning is used to study a number of very important questions. For instance, in a grown human are there cells which are capable of regenerating nerves or entire organs? This is important in searching for a cure of such things as paralysis due to injury, Parkinson's disease and for people who need transplants. Also, the studies in cloning have allowed a better understanding of development before and after birth. Finally, it has shown us that cloning of any organism (whether it's a pet or a family member) will NOT produce the same organism.

I think the story of cc is very instructive, but should not be seen as a modern example of Frankenstein's monster.
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Did anyone else catch this....the scientist who directed the research that lead to CC is taking her into his home, and plans to BREED her! Are you kidding me? She's a basic DSH cat, they say she's a perfectly normal cat.

I think it's a travesty that they are even thinking of commercializing this. Like it said in the article, there are millions of animals that need a home. You aren't going to get your same pet back, they will look different and act different. So why not just save a different animal instead of being disappointed for the duration of the cloned animal's life???
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I agree that human cells can and should be cloned for medical research. I have no problem with stem cell research either, but when it comes down to actually producing a human being for the sake of reproduction, I have a problem with that. I feel bad for childless couples but this is going to far!
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