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Thought you didnt like um?

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So my boyfriends family has always claimed to not like cats... Boy have I proven them wrong! Its bad enough his sister has her own names for my kitties and always pets Kahlua first thing. But now look what I caught! Gary sharing his icecream with Joey!!!!

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hehe, hid the icecream
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There's a bit of cat lover in everyone! Even if they are not willing to admit it! At least that is what I've found.
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Guys who like cats are sooo sexy!
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I couldn't agree more with mzjazz. There is definitely a little cat lover in everyone and there's proof.
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my bf claims he doesn't like cats either...he was strictly a "dog man". but he brought home my baby when he found her at work abandoned as a young, little stray and when he thinks i'm not looking, he tries to pet and hold her
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that is too cute! i remember the first time i cought Colin (who also claimed not to be a cat person) baby talking a litter of foster kittens i had when he thought i wasn't looking It melts your heart doesn't it??
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My SO thinks there is something wrong with people that don't like cats. He loves ours cats, especially his little Fluffy girl. She is so spoiled and sleeps on the other side of him at night. He rescued her on Christmas Eve two years ago and has been his baby ever since. He sat out in the cold with her for 2 hours because he could not bring her inside the tattoo shop due to health regs. He sat with her until I could come get her. He does not care who knows that he is a cat lover.
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I think men who love cats are really "hiding in plain sight!"
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Although since then he's decided joey is His buddy and has claimed him as his cat now I love it Maybe I can use this to make him move in! LOL! After all Joey needs his owner here to love on him.
Joey knows Gary loves him! He tries to get between us when we are laying on the bed at night and if he cant do that then he will lay on Garys chest! Its sooo cute! I'll try to snap a few more pics of the 2 together
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