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How many BENGAL owners have we here?

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Being new, I wanted to sit down and get to know you.

I was curious as to how many members have bengals here?

As a quite new Bengal owner, I would like to know more about your Bengals and their personalities and habits.

Is it typical for them to constantly be running around the house, always seeming to have someplace to go?

Thank you,
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LOL! We don't have any Bengals - but that sure sounds like our black & white DSH! I haven't seen anyone that I KNOW is a bengal owner around in the Lounge recently - but I know they're here!!!!

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We have Bengals. Yes it is very common! LOL LOL We have one female here who jumps right on my husband when he gets home from work! It is very funny. I tell him all the time he likes the cat better than me. LOL LOL LOL LOL
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I have what I believe is a Bangel MIX. A Bangel Tabby if you will.
He fits the look, and he fits the personality.
Bangels are one of my fav cat breeds regaurdless, they are big characters! Smart and peoplish (if you will.)
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I have a female Marbled Bengal! She is SO friendly it's unbelievable! Her name is Majesty and she was given to me for free. She used to live on a big farm with 6 other Bengals. Majesty was tortured at the cattery and forced to mate with the males. After countless litters, her owners decided she should get fixed and brought to the SPCA !! Luckily, I phoned just in time. I went to get Majesty right away.

When I got to the farm I saw the most cruel things. There was a female Bengal that was locked inside a tiny crate, crying. She was in heat and her owner didn't want to put up with it. He stuck her crate into the garage and left her there!! I saw him whipping a chain near Majesty to get her to come out from under the house. Majy was so scared, and he wondered why.

I informed him that if he didn't let that poor cat out of the crate, I would call the SPCA. He promised she would be let out that afternoon. I decided I was going to leave, Majesty was to scared to come out. Just as I got to the truck, Majesty came ripping up to me! I picked her up, put her in the truck and drove away!

Majesty has changed SO much! She is a sweet, loving, affectionate and VERY playful cat! I would not trade her for anything! Oh yeah, I think Majesty is around 4 or 5 years old!

Here's some pictures of her!

All of my other kitties are below in my signature!
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Asim is also a marble kitty. I like that pattern the best for some reason.


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Four Bengles here~ All so very different in personality!

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Your Bengal looks a great deal like my Mysti. Mysti has a bit more pattern, and interestingly enough the pattern on both sides of mine are identical.

Thank ALL of you so far for sharing.
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I would like some of you to tell me more about their traits, behavior, etc. I only got mine yesterday.
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Well... my little Asim is a complex case. He has mental issues (Anxiety and Depression problems.)

He simply LOVES to follow me around, I sit down he sits on me, I get up he follows, I sit down again, he sits on me.
And he kinda slumps in the weirdest ways, he just LOVES being with me, loves putting his paws on my hands while I type or use the mouse.

He throws his water/food dish's at me when I walk by (they are on the counter), in an attempt to get more food/water. He used to kick the bowl along the floor all the way over to me while he was a kitten, but he has gotten smarter and throws them at me now instead
He is very tolerant, I can do virtually ANYTHING to this cat and he will put up with it and still love me.

I think he is also very good at reading my mind, that whole telepathy thing. He's very smart and knows a good amount of tricks! Asim is also a poly so there's a myth that they are smarter then the average cat anyway.

If Asim gets upset AT ME, for not given him enough attention he will swat at me when I walk by, or he will fling his poo everywhere from the litter box (and yes, this litter box is already covered!)

He's always very active and he is VERY fit. He loves to go rip roaring through this house every day and night. He loves to run and then jump about 6 feet up on a wall and bounce off, He likes to run and jump onto my furniture and make them tip over (like our lazy boy and computer chairs.) He likes to make giant leaps over our chairs and tall counters which spans about a 8-12 food jump.
If I'm sitting in a chair with my knee's up, he likes to come screaming buy jump up on the tip of my knee's from the floor and then jump somewhere else and keep running.

He's very machivious too, he has his own bedroom in which I put him in, for most of his life he has spend the night in his 'bedroom' because no matter how many toys, or play mates I give him, he STILL has to break everything, and throw things around. He's noisy in the morning when he is let out, he'll come to my bed and make his little sweaky painful meow and bat at my mini blinds, making as much noise as possible to wake me up. He rough houses with the cats in my bedroom on my bed EVERY morning.
He likes to try and fit into any little place I have to make sure I don't leave a cabinet door open or the dryer open cause he WILL go in there.

I also can not get him to take a pill. He's just too smart to it. I can not trick him into eating one, and even if I use another person to help me hold him and pop it into his throat with a pill gun, he will throw it back up, then hold it in his mouth and walk away then spit it out (when he thinks I'm not looking, but I find the pill later.) or he holds it there until it liquifies in his mouth (all the while he lets that and the drool seep out of his mouth so he doesn't injest any of it.)

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He sounds like a real handful. lol Mysti has been here 24 hours now. We adopted her from a lady who shows and she is 2 1/2 yrs. old. She saw my husband open the bathroom door this morning (we have the lever type door knobs), when he shut it she stretched up from the floor and kept trying until she opened it. Now she must go try it about every hour just to see if it still works.

Then he opened our mirrowed sliding closet door. She tried and tried but they are way to heavy for her.

I think we are going to have a little Houdiny here. lol

She is just too funny.
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