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new kitten cant get with 7 month old kitten

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hi i got a new kitten yesterday it is 9 weeks old i have got a kitten off 7 months they dont get on my new kitten went over to my old kitten then the old onestarted hissing at the new one then the new one hissed back that all they keep doing the old one as also tried to strike the new one with her paw but i stopped it.

i need help to get them to get on they are both female.

many thanks wayne10
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Slow down, you only have the kitten a day! You need to slowly introduce them so keep the kitten in a separate room with litter box and food and bring him out for an hour or so. Play with both of them together and gradually increase the amount of time they spend with each other.

Your 7 month old is used to having the run of the place so he/she naturally feels put out. You need to let the 7 month old know they're still your baby too so lots of cuddles!
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thank you catnip i will try that
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Females tend to take longer to accept a new cat. Try sprinkling them with cornstarch baby powder or put a dab of vanilla extract on their noses. Are both females spayed?

You should confine the kitten to her own room for several weeks. Not just a day or two - introductions should be taken slowly for best results.
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ty golden kitty they are not spayed yet the older one is getting done next week i did not think you could get the new cat spayed so younge i will talk to the vet to see if we can get them done both at the same time the kittens are from the same mum and dad as where i got them they have got a male and female cat and they had 2 lots off kittens in 5 months.

many thanks wayne10
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The UK doesn't like spaying/neutering that early - you all need to push for early spay/neuter. USA and Australia will do them now at 3-4 months old. Some vets in the US will spay/neuter at 8 weeks - 2 lbs.

Try to find a vet that will neuter them around 5 months.
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Hope all goes well for you I have three females who have all been introduced separately, I just took it really slow, they are fine with each other now, have the odd hiss or swat, but not very often.
I too had difficulty in finding a vet who would spey before 6 months, thankfully they are all done now.
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Hi there just to let you know i had exactly the same problem.. merdle was 7 mths and we'd had her 5 months so she was well settled with having us all to herself and then we bring in 8 wk old lola! we've now had lola 4 weeks and this weekend we made the breakthough and they we chasing each other round the house like mad girls all of yesterday. you just have to take it really slow and try to keep calm when they're together because if you're stressed then they'll sense that and think they have good reason to be hostile and frightened and continue to behave that way!

So keep at it i'm sure it'll all be ok, mine even ate out of the same dish this morning until the kitten had enough of sharing and bopped the older one on her nose!

Good luck!
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