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Patches Update

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Well it's been over a year since she went missing and the kids have
seen her once or twice in the neighborhood but haven't seen her
since til tonight.
We were coming home and i spotted her about 3 blocks from
our house,I told my husband to stop the car,he did and i got
out and called her name,she looked at me than ran away
She looks very healthy,im sure that someone took her in.
My kids wanted to go back to try and catch her but i
decided not to because she seems happy where she's at
and she was with another cat.
I still love her and think about her often and i really didn't want
to know where she was because i didn't want to know if something
bad had happened to her but now that i know she's okay and
well fed,i feel much better.
When she ran away i told her that i love her and miss her
I told the kids to always remember the time we had with her
and all the pictures of her we have.
We have 2 other cats Alley & Nala that we love alot
tho we won't forget about patches
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Oh that is so sad I am glad Patches is safe and everything, but you must be so broken hearted
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Thanks everyone..It's been hard without her,it feels like i
lost one of my own kids
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Maybe you should try to get her back as well as the other cat? She might just look well-fed from eating off some one's back porch. And if you catch her, you could check for "missing cat flyers" which would let you know that she found a new home.
I'm glad to know that she is still around - who knows why she chose to leave, sometimes they misunderstand a loud sound, or a repairman coming by, etc. and they bolt and then their panic sets off an unfortunate chain of events.
At least you know that she is alive! But since you still have a place in your heart for her, it would be wonderful if she could return to you. Thank you for the update!
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You must miss Patches so terribly, Chell. I'm glad you have the reassurance in your heart that she is healthy and being cared for. I do so wish she would come home to her family. Let's hold on to that hope that one day she will
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