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Yay! 2 watchers!

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I'm sorry but I had to post this! This is my first time selling something on Ebay and I'm so excited that two people are watching my item!

I've had my account forever but I've never bought or sold anything until now. I hope that I can make whoever buys my item happy because I take pride in having good 'customer service'! I'm sorry, but I do! I used to work at Burger King for two years because for one, I needed the money when I was on my own, and two, I loved making people happy by giving everyone individual attention. I hated the work and the some of the people that I worked with but being with my regular customers made it worth while. (I had a lot of regulars who still ask about me, as so my old coworker/friend tells me.)
Gah! I'm watching the darn thing like a hawk, even though it still has 9 more days left on it.

Did you all feel the same way with your first item for sale?
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Believe me, watchers on ebay are a good thing! Right now, we are using ebay to get caught up on bills. 9 more days? You could have a bidding war that could bring the price up to much more that you expected!

Good luck!!
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Aw... now there's only 1 watcher. What could that mean when someone drops?
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Could be that they've just won a similar item..... so don't require yours.


I'm alsways selling stuff on there. When SO and I got together, we had loads of duplicated CD's DVD's and Videos. We sold all the doubles and made hundreds!!!

We've since sold old records, some of them going for much higher than it's worth. I also sold all my sisters old ski clothes for my mum.

We buy video games on there - play them, complete them - and put them back on.

I bought this HUGE kitties pack on there for a bargain!! It had so much stuff in it.

I used to do alot of Painting on canvas, and would sell some of them on there. I made a lot more than they cost me to do.

You have to be careful though. Sometimes things can take forever to sell, and you end up paying more in seller fees than you do on the item...
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Good luck on selling. DH is a long time ebay seller. I usually buy a few things - don't do the selling. Watchers can be good or bad. He's had watchers and then no one bid at the end.
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I sell on ebay all the time. I still watch my auctions like a hawk. I would never have the patience to do a 9-day auction.

Usually you don't get serious bidders till the last day or so.

You'll get hooked if this item sells. I went crazy trying to find things to sell around my house after I sold a coat I brought and never really liked for more than I paid for it.

Good luck, have fun.
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