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could new kitten lead to current cat vomitting?

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i just adopted a male black kitten (6 or so weeks old). my current female cat is about 2 years and she's been sulking a lot and not eating much.

i kind of expected this but it's really concerning me and i don't know if i should just give her time to adjust, or switch my female cat's diet. right now she's eating Iam's (the orange bag). she never seemed to display much of a problem with it before until i brought in the new kitten.

she threw up maybe 3 times today. she's thrown up of course in the past, but never this frequently.

could it be stress from fear of being replaced? will it pass eventually?

i've been thinking of switching her diet anyways. something for healthier digestion. care to share your thoughts/advice on a particular brand?


fyi... the new kitten appears to be doing just fine and in good health.
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STRESS is likely the issue ... Did you do a proper introduction?? there are articles on here on how ///


it gives alot of info .
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i tried to follow the advice of certian online articles on how to properly introduce them, but emma (the female) is just taking it so badly. she's so sad and it breaks my heart.

i've never seen this before in other cats i've had. her behaviour is so obvious. it seems almost human; hardly acknowledging me and even turning her head away when i try to talk to her.

i also think it is stress, and that bugs me that she's that torn. i hope this eventually subsides, but as of now she moans and growls when he's around.

i was hoping this would be easier and her motherly instincts would lead her into taking a different role than this, but that just seems like very wishful thinking at this point.

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Can you get a feliway spray or diffuser ???
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Hi, welcome, to you and your family! I'm sorry to hear your little girl is having trouble adjusting to the new family member. This change may well be caused by stress, but the very first thing to do in any potential behavioral matter such as this is to rule out possible health issues. She needs to be seen by her Vet. for a thorough physical exam and any pertinent tests. At that time, you and her Dr. will be able to discuss any necessary dietary changes. If her vomiting is determined to lack any physical causes, you will then be able to begin exploring how to help her adjust to her new little brother, such as Jenn mentioned above, ensuring proper introductions and use of a Feliway Diffuser.
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The problem is that she was not introduced to the Iams slowly, a bit being added to her regular food over the week or so, adding more each time. It is quite common for cats to throw up if it's not done slowly.
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actually she's been on Iams since i got her from the shelter. in fact that's what they told me to feed her.

no, i believe i've found out the problem and am getting her to the vet immediately along with the new kitten. she threw up again this morning and i found a rubber band looking thing in her vomit which i later ruled out as round worm.
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what is feliway exactly?
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