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Chase is sick AGAIN

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Poor Chase seems to have another UTI. I just don't know what to do for him anymore. The stupid vet sent him home with Clavamox, which I stupidly didn't remember had Amoxicillin in it until I got home, and they were already closed. I tried giving it to him anyway, making sure he ate before he got the pill, and he was fine the first day, but today he was feeling utterly horrible. The vet on-call for emergencies is useless, and wouldn't give him something new without me paying the huge fee emergency fee, so it is going to have to wait until Monday.

I haven't given him his evening pill so far, and he's just barely starting to show interest in food again and perk up a little.. so I don't think I am going to. He spent the entire day huddled in the corner behind the chair, and he's finally starting to come out again. He has no crystals, and they did an ultrasound on his bladder and found no stones, so a day without should be fine right? I just can't give him something that is making him feel THAT bad..

The vet had told me she thought it could be cystitis at this point, and not another actual UTI, but she wouldn't really go for any thoughts on helping him. I brought up Cosequin and she just said she'd read about it being used for it, but they had never done it, and wouldn't go any further on that idea. So... I think Monday I'll be praying to get out of work early enough to try to get an emergency appointment elsewhere. This vet just isn't cutting it. I can't stand seeing Chase feel bad all the time..
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you poor dear ....

I would call EVERY vet in the area some are open on the weekend without HUGE fees ... time for a new vet...

Is Chase eating and peeing???

If memory serves he is a "senior " cat ....??? has a FULL SENIOR panel been done in the last six months>>
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He is 13, and he had a full blood panel the last time he had a UTI (like a month ago?), including thyroid test. The vet had said it looked fine.

The only vet I've found that is open on Sundays normally is Banfield.. but they are rather expensive.. I don't know if they'd agree to just give me another antibiotic of if I'd have to go through the whole exam again.. I guess I could call and ask in the morning.

He didn't eat all day, then ate a little meat and a spoonful or two of baby food about two hours ago.. I haven't been home to see if he peed earlier in the day, but he has never had any problems with that with his UTIs, and has no crystals..
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Well we didn't make it to a vet today, but should be able to tomorrow. He's improved a lot since I stopped the Clavamox, acting almost normal again. He still isn't very interested in cat food, but I gave him some KMR and a little plate full of turkey and he happily devoured both. I'll try the cat food again later.
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Another update in case anyone is curious...

The vet switched him to Orbax, which so far he seems okay with. He is still not eating cat food much, but he is starting to show interest in it again. He will beg, and he will run to the bowl, but after maybe a lick or two he turns away. So he's still getting KMR, some baby food, meat, and Nutri-Cal. He ate a few bites of cat food earlier, so I'm hoping he will get back to eating tomorrow. The vet said he should be okay like this for a few days, but to bring him back if he doesn't eat cat food in a day or two. So... I guess we wait and see.
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Chase is eating again! He seems to be feeling a lot better. He's probably had something like 8 ounces of wet today, which is far more than he's been willing to eat lately. I'll offer him more later if he starts begging. (I know, great way to discourage begging! But he needs to eat as much as he's willing to at this point.)

He is not thrilling over the joint stuff I got him to try and help prevent this from recurring yet again.. so I need to figure out how to trick him into eating that. Maybe he'll eat it mixed in with a spoonful of something fishy.. but oh well, I'll figure out something.
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Glad to hear he's eating again. You're such a good mommy!!!
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Great news! I hope he continues to improve.
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YIPPY for the Chase eating again
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That's great news! WTG Chase.
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He's confusing me now.. the silly thing. He devoured his breakfast, but he hasn't eaten anything since. He begs.. runs to the bowl.. then walks away. But he isn't acting like he's feeling sick again, so I'm not panicking just yet.. I'll try something extra-tempting in a little while.
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If he continues not eating, he could be nauseous--going to the bowl and then walking away without eating can be a sign of nausea. If that's the case, you may want to ask your vet about possibly giving Pepcid AC (but check with the vet to make sure there aren't any interactions and to confirm the right dosing).
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Somehow I doubt our vet would give it... they're so strange about things. But we're switching vets for his recheck, I believe. It's just so hard to figure out which one to go to... we've used this vet since I was a kid. I'll try asking about it anyway if he doesn't eat something tonight.
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Have you thought of trying a supplement to boost his immune system like Transfer Factor for felines? I know that it can work wonders for bacterial and viral infections, and may help with appetite I hope Chase feels better soon
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Transfer Factor? I've never heard of that one. I'm still trying to figure out how to trick him into taking his glucosamine powder.

He was willing to eat some Solid Gold Tuna just now.. but of course, tuna is rare thing for him, so I don't know if it will transfer to his normal food in the morning.
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I believe a number of cats on here use Transfer factor...
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I may have to look into that.. the poor boy needs to stay healthy!

I gave him some Pepcid, today, after he turned away from his lunch. He ate when I offered him food again a little later, so hopefully it helped! I think he'd have to feel a lot better just getting that pound or two back he really needs..
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