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I cannot believe these "young adults" did this!!

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As many of you know I live out the farm area.
There is a corn field of about 15 acres or so across the road from us. About a year ago about 5 acres were purchased by someone who used to live about a quarter miles away.

Anyhow no house yet just a very large garage. This families 2 boys come and spend time riding around on there dirt bikes, atv's and even a beater car.

Today however there were several "young adults" there along with both of the property owners.

One of the people had an older car say a mid 80's chev cavalier that they thought was the General Lee (from Dukes of Hazzard)
But then I saw the car go past my house, turn around, floor the car and about 200 ft later slam on the brakes doing several spins on the road.
I could smell the rubber and I was about 500 ft away!!
This happens twice-I thought the second time the car was going to flip over.

So then the driver back up on a lane, floors the cat and goes up the very primative driveway and drives around-the owners had about 50 dump truck loads of fill hauled in this summer so the car was bouncing quite a bit.

Must have gotten stuck but when finally unstuck repeated his actions but while I was watching (and talking to my mom on the phone) I saw the car flip over. The "young adults" all go running to the car. They must have been able to rock in back down and after about 10 minutes got it started (much blue smoke).

They all left about a half hour later. A pickup ended up pulling the semi-wrecked car. I should have watched which way it turned and called the cops. The driver's door was hanging on by a hinge, the right front fender area smashed as well as I could see the roof looked a bit lower.
The engine was running though.

I couldn't believe all if this-with two supposed responsible parent there too.
The car is probably junked and I'm sure if this happens again I will not hesitate to call the cops.

Oh another thing, a large farm was picking corn so there were semi trucks going up and down the road all afternoon.
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WOW.. Kids are soo irresponsible.

I know as a teen we would do donuts at the beach and yes it was VERY dangerous.
I would strangle my kids if they did that
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