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My new love....

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Completely declawed & neutered, lived under a lady's deck for a week. He's obnoxious, loud, and always wants to be with you. That's all he asks, you don't even have to pet him, he merely wants to be in your presence.

I named him Captain, he looks like my Captain that I had.....

Don't mind all the papers, he was 'helping' me fill out the paperwork for an adoption this morning!
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Awwww a bit of affection, they don't ask for much do they bless them

He's gorgeous Nat!
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Oh my goodness what a handsome boy he is. I bet hes just so happy to be rescued, Nat
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Awwww how sweet is he!?

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Oh my! What a gorgeous guy he is!
You can ship him my way, Natalie!
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Oh my! What a gorgeous guy he is!
You can ship him my way, Natalie!
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What a cutie!
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He's precious Nat...he looks really good too
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Very cute! He looks like our Lex!
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Awww, what a sweetheart he is, and so handsome!
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He looks like one of my former fosters, Beau!
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Captain sure is a handsome sweet looking boy
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i love his colors!!
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Awwww looks like you have a little lovebug there
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He's beautiful! And his coat is in great condition for living under a deck!
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He's so cute! He looks like he's made himself comfortable.
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Captain's beautiful colors look like my Sadie.
I love pink paws.
Your gentle boy is adorable.
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Captain is gorgeous.
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how sweet is he!!!! natalie- he looks a lot like my sister's kitty, Patch!!! sooo cute
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Oh my goodness, he's adorable!!
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I feel bad for him, he's utterly miserable in the cage. And we literally have had 2 indoor adoptiosn in 6 1/2 weeks now. He's one of 11 declawed kitties. He has the advantage of being completely declawed(if you can call it that ), but still.....he's in for a long wait.
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What a cutie!! I him!
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I am sending the most powerful TCS vibes that Captain is adopted into a loving home really soon.
Sweet Captain
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What a beautiful boy! I don't think he will be waiting that long for a forever home. He has personality and looks, and those eyes ...
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he is handsome... if I lived closer ...
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oh boy, a male Demeter! in looks and purrsonality hope he gets adopted soon
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Sending you many vibes that Captain and all of your little (and big) ones find great homes!
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We can see why he is your new love! We would love him too
*Hugs for a cute kitty* Hes so cute, anyone would be lucky to take him home!
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